Reality at the foot of the cross

So when the whole world praying, hoping that we can get back to normal life.

I was wondering what was normal about the life that we used to live pre-pandemic.

A world where 125,000 unborn children are killed on the wombs of their mothers everyday?
A world where brothers are ready to fight brothers?
A world where money is worshiped as a God, and God has become a tale to tell ourselves, a page from the book of our convenience?
A world where the truth is subjective and lies are objective?
A world where Rights of Men and Women are more important than the very basic right to life, to education, to food, to water, to a shelter, to peace?
A world where millions die of starvation or dehydration everyday when men and women on other parts of the world discuss on who has regulated what they should wear or go or do or eat?

A world where the minds of men are filled with lust, and of women are filled with immodesty?
A world, where loyalty is the new betrayal and betrayal is loyalty?
A world which is dominated by the rich and the poor are left away empty?
A world where rebellion is the new tradition, and tradition is rebellion?
A world where men wants to remains boys, and wants to be effeminate, and women wants to be manly?
A world which is so confused on its own, that it can’t even recognize who they are, either a man or woman, when looking into the mirror, and in confusion, plays with words to define themselves as something less than the miracle they are, as a Man or as a Women?

A world where our fashion is not to embrace the beauty that our bodies possess, but to reveal them openly?
A world where standing up for the truth, life, and honesty, and tradition makes you get called ‘homophobic’, and there’s is a double standard for them, when they call you that.

A world where good and bad, what makes us happy, holy and live in harmony, is not definitive but subjective?
A world which is dominated by consumerism and human beings are reduces to nothing more than cogs in a machine or worse worker bees?
A world where pleasure is the ultimate goal, and responsibility is thrown out of the door?
A world where feelings and desires are ultimate deciding factors and intellect is kept aside?

A world which is filled with ‘me and myself’, rather than we and ourselves?

A World where the sign of God’s Trinitarian Love, that is the love between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as displayed in the “Family”, as in between the love of the Father(AKA the Husband or the Man), the Mother(AKA the Wife or the Women) and the Children have become hindrance to career, to living status, and to selfish pride?

A world where the creation says to the the creator, ‘I am not created, I just dropped into existence from nothingness, accidentally.’

A world where science and religion fight with one another, when they should collaborate together for the betterment of the society, advancement of man and of their living condition, that one day man can be led to it’s creator.

God became man, that we may know him and come to him, to be saved, but it is us who must reach him. Religion and science must work together that looking at very our own bodies and this world we can know who God is, since we are made in His image and likeness, as the “Theology of our Bodies.”

A world where to hide from God, we hide behind our success, our talents, our prides, our expensive livelihood, while being naked in our sins. Remember it is Human to commit sin, but diabolic to persist on it without repentance.

Remember the last words that the Good Thief said to our Lord?

That is not normal, that is quite an anarchy, and we are lost, not just outside, but within ourselves, but we must hope, that God has not abandoned us, He loves you and He loves me, and He wants you and me to be Holy, to be Happy, to be Better, to be Strong, to be Humble, to Care for others, that this may the Kingdom of God which love and communion may be a reality on this earth as it is in Heaven.

Mark my words, a world ruled by ideologies cannot outlive 3 generations, for a new ideology will come into existence to end the old one, but a world ruled by love can and will outlive eternity.

And thus God just wants to love us, since only love, and selfless love can bring peace to our troubled hearts, give purpose to our broken lives, make meaning to our glorious existence and let us live in harmony and in prosperity. United as we stand, divided we fall, this pandemic, has given us time to reflect on life, let us pray that we may be able love once again, truly, faithfully, freely and totally, that as a fruit of that love one day we can be normal, really.



(Sorry that Im writing after 2 years nearly! I hope you will forgive me for it)


Cross Equals Love

Issued in Public Interest
“In Search of Humanity among Humans”

(In Response to the Countless Victims of Rape, Abuse, and Torture against women)


No, we don’t need any more laws protecting women and punishing the abuser(Male).  Because it only has accelerated more violent abuses. 
We need love, mercy and peace.

#The only thing that the Gospel can provide.
The Gospel of Life deals with every crisis that we face today. 
No matter the hurt, No matter the pain. 
It has the power to renew us again.

To add more laws protecting women and punishment of abusers only solve A permanent problem Temporarily.
But what need need is a #Change of Heart #not #Suppression of Hurts.




It may seem pretty irrelevant, but every problem and crisis that the world faces today can be traced back to the “love #relationship between a man and a women.”

That is the #foundation.
When that is broken it’s easy to break, distort and destroy all that is left in the world good or bad for #worse, and it does not end there yet, but it ends with putting the #blame on one single person, one single caste, one single religion, one single sex, one single #OTHERS.

Let us not #fool ourselves here. 
For believe it or not, (you do not have to be a #believer A CHRISTIAN, but its always a plus, if you don’t want to) you still have the power to initiate the change through our own desires. We initiate it, and trust in God, who will do the rest.

For a change, all those who are in a relationship, be it in a dating stage or you are celebrating your 50th year of marriage. 
#Seek to desire the other person more than yourself.
#Seek to pursue that other person more than yourself. 
#Seek to put out your heart, your strength, even yourself on the line for that other person.
(If all that you have seeked, and yet you are missing out something, the #SeekTheKingdomofGod.
For He will add on all the things to you.)


#Love demands all these. For to love truly is to “#empty oneself for the sake of others.”
If #one single element is missing it becomes #lust which means using of other person.

#If that sacrifice, that offering of oneself to others, worth to you for love, then what is the worth of your love?
If not you, who will?
If not now, when?
Love is contagious, yet it’s hard, it has power to take you beyond the stars, yet it’s tough, but it won’t be worth it, if you don’t start today, now, or at this very moment. For you are that beacon that the world needs to see, and now is its time. For others are waiting to follow you.


Then and only then can the world be a better place to live in, not lighting candles and marching on the streets, blaming one caste and one other.

Remember this world is ours, it’s where we live in. The mess that happened is our own doing, so it falls in our duty to clean it up. 
(Here ‘us’ includes ‘me’ as well).

If we don’t do this.
Then nothing can stop the crimes against humanity. 
For History will be it’s judge and it would echo this to the generations that will come, that Mankind had a chance, that they were at the crossroads of bridging the Gaps between Justice and Joy, Problems and Peace, Darkness and Light, Death and Life. 
Yet they chose Death, Darkness, Problems, Justice and is still going on with the same cycle again and again.


This is the time for a New Crusade, A #Crusade for Love. 
This is the time to be Radical, #Radical in Love.
This is the time of proving who, #YOU Really Are.

For an animal #cannot love, it only knows revenge, we #Humans have a #conscience, have a #God, who became man, to borne our sins, and showed us how to show Mercy and love, even in face of Death with Torture, Humiliation and Crucifiction.


Look at the #Cross, you will find Love, You will find Mercy. 
You will find the #Justice that #nailed Him there.
You will find the #Punishment that we deserve, paid in full by God. 
The Same God whom we often put on trial whenever things go wrong. 
(We, here also includes the wretched of the #earth, the worst of #humanity, the #rapists, the #gangsters, the #terrorists, the #abusers, the #destroyers of the earth.)

Look again, Look at Him with the eyes of doubt, with the eyes of searching for answers, #whoever you are, Look, Seek, and you will find all that you are looking for.


This is not my word, Because I get it when the whole world wants justice why will you even bother to listen to me, when I’m talking about mercy and forgiveness and love!

Believe me, it’s not my idea entirely, this has been God’s idea since the time of mankind’s Fall, but for me I got the inspiration from a #book called “The love that Satisfies” by Christopher West (Official) West, based on Pope Benedict XVI’s Great #Encyclical “God is Love”, which I’m reading these days.

Do not be afraid.
Just #Love.
Especially those whom you cannot even think of loving.

You are the #change, the #face of tomorrow.
You are #today’s tomorrow.

God bless.
Jesus loves you! 

Pray for India, We need your prayers. Pray for Christians, Pray for Broken People. 

Pray. Pray. Pray.


Sin Lust and Porn

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

Today is Easter and I know you are all excited about the Risen Lord, and yes I am too!

But today He calls us each one of us to begin a new life, to be alive.

Our Sins have made us dead, especially the Sins that involve our Bodies, Sins which are Sexual in nature.


For that He took the cross, He got whipped, His flesh was coming loose. For us He was canned. For us He was made to carry such a Heavy Cross, for us each Nail was slowly driven through the Palm of His Hands, and His Feet.

From the Cross He begged Father to Have mercy on us, from that cross came out the Blood and Water, which has forgiven all of us, no matter what we have done.


For more than half of life I was addicted, I was a BDSM addict, I watched Porn, I Lied, I would indulge in activities such as it was, and I was afraid, and I was broken, but I came to confessions, I did not knew how can I go out, but He kept on telling me Hold on, Move On!! And I was so weak that I could not stand, I was always on my knees. I was praying, there were times when I gave up the fight, when only He fought for me, that time when I accepted how I was, I accepted that fact that I am a BDSM addict and that is my future, I forgot that I have God who conquered Death. BDSM is nothing but another deformity, BDSM is nothing by Sexual Torture, and Sexual Perversion, and Sexual Submission, its Lust at its extreme.

Until this Holy Week came and everything changed. 

During the Maundy Thursday Mass, I could feel Him getting taken away, I could feel the Lashes, feel the Nails, that was driven. And I could see the burden of my Cross. Like I was made present there beside the apostles. I felt so unworthy. Yes true I am unworthy. He alone is worthy. I have Past true, but it does not determine my future, My God determines it, that is why He saved me. 

So I asked Him Lord permit me to suffer, how great are my sins,  how can I repay your mercy?

He said “Sin no more”


That’s Him my dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

That’s a direct commandment, from Him, Sin no more, Just love. 

So today as He rose from Death, He conquered all Porn, all Sins, He conquered all the darkness in me, He conquered my life, He conquered my breath, He conquered all my desires and my pain.

Today I’m free, truly free. Free in the Name of Jesus.

So today in front of all I pledge to live a life of Chastity, Purity and Love.

Do pray for me, for I know Satan will try His best to get hold me again.

And I must stay strong, be brave and stay faithful and fight till the very end.Love-One-Another_620

For our Savior has given me all through His life death and resurrection.

Today we no longer believe that He will rise, but we know deep in our hearts and in our minds that He has risen. 

From today I’m you’s forever Lord, your’s forever!



Sampad Xavier Chaudhuri


The Why I sing

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

​So I’ve having this thought and practicing it for over a year now and I would love to share it with you all in light of Gospel.


For me Singing was everything, is everything and I don’t know about its future.

But what I’m sure about is God did give me voice that is not the best voice in the world but it’s okay to please Him.

Before God showed me a way to My Present Choir : The Apostles.

I kind of worked very hard for 3 years to start a band of my own, which i believed at that time my dream my destiny.

But ya oviosly my social skills that time(especially) was not very good.

And I did not knew anything about music I just knew how to Sing, How to Write a Song because it just came out naturally.

But after so many tries I failed.

I found that the dream left me alone. Who did not know how to play Keyboard or Guitar.!!!!!?

So then came my big depression, it took a lot of songs a lot of tunes a lot of days to pass a lot of me get over it, however my tries were but futile.

So when my medication stopped i found myself at the alter of Grace and Love and Mercy literally begging for my life.

For taking this cup away from me.

And when nothing else worked

Jesus did.

He took my pain and my suffering and took it upon himself.

For me He got whipped until His flesh was falling!

For me He got caned.

For me He got crowned with Thorns and humiliated.

For me He carried my cross.

And ultimately Have His life to prove that I love you.





Music does not have any power to heal anyone.

It just does not!

Love songs I’ll tell you the truth either they make you cry for the love that begone you or it gives you fake imaginative hope. 

Yes I was very fond of them.

I do have an imaginative brain (I believe).

So in short what it does is it connects to our emotions. It makes us think that we love that love song for its my Jam! So even through secular songs are amazing they now fail to capture my Heart because it’s imaginative it’s not real. 


Today’s Gospel tells us about a blind man.

Jesus healed Him by spitting on ground and with that He made clay and put it in his eyes.

And told Him to 

“Go wash in the Pool of Siloam” 

Siloam the Word means “Sent”
So it says that Jesus opened the eyes of This blind man and told Him that you are now Sent, 

Sent to the world to tell the world about Me, the Good Shepard that they may come to me without being afraid. 
Now my story is same.

I was blind simply blind to the world.

In the last day depression when I met the Lord He opened my eyes, He washed my feet, He Died for me but most importantly He sent me to you, to the world. So that they world can know that I was blind, but now I see that you can see him too.
Now my decision not to secular songs came after my feet was washed, I promised him for this, because I want to Him to use the best gift that he has given me my voice for His glory to write the story of Him.
Not just some love story.

But the story of Him Loving us, Him loving Me Personally.
See just like I’m sent you all are sent, you all are given so wonderful voices, just imagine what God can do to that voice, when He sings with you and me and he calls His people to come back to him to feel His power glory honor love mercy through that tiny little voice of ours.

Can you believe the impact?
We must remember as Christians are sent out to a Hurting world, a world where suffering is innumerable, yes one may say what will people benifit from our singing the lord’s song when we get chance.

True they may not benifit at all as it seems.

But there will someone among them to whom your voice will be the voice the Lord, to him your voice will be the voice that will open His eyes.
Can Music alone do something in this scale!


Can Jesus do a revolution through this Music

Through His Worship!

The world what i see is more beautiful as I’m inside.

But what you see through that stained glass is but sacrifice.
Come let us sing for Him

For someone is the crowd in the congregation of the Lord’s people is waiting to hear His voice.

And we are but His instruments to fulfil His prayer.
So to conclude I’ve tried to say that be an answered prayer to someone.
For you never know when someone will be God’s messenger in answering yours.
I love to Sing, and I love Jesus that’s why I sing for Him, because Love is not what you say but what you do!


God bless you all.

Sampad Xavier Chaudhuri


For God so loved the world

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

Its so good to talk to you again. God is Good, He is marvelous, sometimes I wish I could tell you this that I am but one of the Greatest Sinners, Yet He uses me, Yet He is the Greatest Redeemer, not just for me, but for you, but for all those who take refuge in Him.

Probably you haven’t seen me, but I tell you this that I’m not that strong physically but my strength comes my Lord, I know that because of my weakness, and my littleness, I have been trampled a million times more by Satan, but you know what Jesus did, He said Never Give up, Rise, Hold me, Steady now, You can do it.

Many I times in confessional I feel ashamed that how can I hurt my Lord so much by my sins, but Jesus re-assures me with His mother speaking that Do not look back, You are a new creation.

I have made you new, Sin no more. 2 Corinthians 5:17

I’ll tell you today about my struggle so that you may know that whatever I do, I do not do it of my own but everything that is good comes from the Lord Himself, and I will give my praise forever, my best is always His.

I’ve seen Mother Mary taking me to Jesus, when I was too ashamed to go, and I’ve seen Jesus’s mercy, and all I can tell you is there is nothing that He cant fix.

Let me tell you this with bold claim that if you are sitting, He is beside you, if you are sleeping, He is beside you, if you are walking, He is beside you, if you are afraid, He is beside you even more, if you are suffering, He is in you and you in Him.


So know this very well that the Heart of Jesus long to save us, more than the worlds sins can drown us to hell.

God is there, do not afraid of Him, the greater the trust the great will be His mercy.

I had some particular issues with women in past, that led me to hate them, before and even after I’ve met with Christ.

Its a scar that led me to depression, near suicide, near family breaking, innumerable fights and what not that led me to addictions I never would accept by myself. Pornography, BDSM, I know you are thinking this cannot be the man who used to give us good messages of Christ, but yes I can assure you that it was He who gave you the messages, it was He who uses me, as He pleases, For I am but a pencil in His hands.

There are times when Satan would go duel on me, He would just decide to put me into a series of attacks especially in my scar, to make me mad.

But I will still give thanks to my Lord my Savior, because before I preached the Gospel to you, He has saved me, and He is still saving me and He is still going to save me.

Today I was taking afternoon nap, and I was bogged down, could not sleep, Satan was just keeping me in a half awake, half sleep process, and tormenting me.

But I can tell you, Jesus was there, He is my fortress that is why he never let him shook me.

I am just a person like you, weak very little, my faith is not very strong, nor is my spiritual life, but what keeps me going is Mother Mary, for when I fail she leads me to Jesus, not by my own merits, but by her’s.

Jesus after His life, gave me a new mother, and that mother has been very active in healing my scar for sometimes now.

It gives me great joy to speak with God and with Mom.

I know its kind of of crazy, well let people take me for crazy I’m fine with it.

If you ask me how many friends I have I will say Jesus, Jesus and Jesus.

Sometimes I am fanatic, radical, soft, whatever He wants me to become I try my best to become that.

For I believe that “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3.16

And in the midst of the battle of today He gave me special message which I want to share with all of you.

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4”

So I tell you friends, don’t loose hope, 

This is God’s promise to you that 

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still – Exodus 14:14

And our Lord is faithful, when he promises something He fulfills it, I can assure you of that my friends, I have tasted God in those moments when I was lost by the sins, by the world, when I was trampled by Satan and the world, when I had no strength or will left in me to fight them, when I was fighting myself that why should I fight, why should I be free lets accept Satan’s dominion. 

But let me tell you that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:17

Help is always available, its never too late, He is merciful, He is love, His is limitless love, He is our Lord, our Creator, our God. He is our everything, beginning and the end.

He is awesome!

I’ve found God, Our Lady and our One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church by my side always and for that I’m infinitely grateful to my God, for this is the package that held me together till now. 

So don’t give up, God is there with you too, so is Our Lady, So is our Church.

See when we have problem as we are the body of Christ, Christ have a problem too! So from this perspective as well, even if you think that he does not love you or you are beyond repair(which is absolutely false because its never too late, and He loves you to the point of death on the cross.) He will come and fix that problem. 

“To set you and me free 

To Set us on fire 

The Fire that will sweep across the world, and turn it into blazing furnace. 

Imagine a world on Fire, the Fire of Love, the Fire that will allow us to Praise God for all things, that Fire that will help us to experience Heaven on Earth.”

Oh How wonderful it would be, I’m overjoyed  in tears. 

How marvelous is God’s plan for us, it makes me wonder into the mystery that is so beautiful that I can’t explain.

Oh Hallelujah !

Come Let us Praise Him Hallelujah 

I don’t know about you, but now at this very moment I surrender all to Jesus. Everything, My Struggles, My Good, My Bad, My Love, My Failing Faith, My Weak Trust.

Lord take me Lord, Use me Lord, oh Hallelujah, May my Will be only to do your’s. So Greatly Merciful God, Hallelujah, You are truly the face of the invisible Father.

You are God, Yes you are the Son of God.

You are my Savior, you are truly the savior of the world. 

With that I conclude my letter to you,

With lots of love


Sampad Xavier Chaudhuri



We are Ready

My Daughter, Suffering will be sign to you that I am with you(669)

Be afraid of nothing; love will give you strength and make the realization of this easy.(372)

What are you afraid of? If you are with Me, who will dare touch you? (792)

And the one that really made cry the first time I read it and touched me when I  heard it is this one.

I shall give you a small portion of My Passion, but do not be afraid, be brave; do not seek relief, but accept everything with submission to My will. (1053)

Yes they are  excerpts from the Diary of St Faustina, God’s Secretary of Mercy. (This is where you can get a copy of the Diary

Dear friends in Jesus Christ, 

As our Pastoral work goes, many a times we feel the Weight of world, its leaders, its rules, its laws, its society, that they all want to persecute you, to get you down to the very bottom, to hit you with everything they have got.

You know why? 

Because this is the battle which Jesus foretold through St Paul in Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

If they proclaim you as wrong, if you condemn you as incorrect, when they tell you Apologize for telling the truth.

This is for you!

Yes I wanna be Guilty, if that means doing His will, to do His will. Oh Hallelujah
Common! Bring it on!

You can be a Saint

In time of peril when the whole world is crashing down upon us, I tell you this that Being a saint, is never been so easy.

I told you before that W+w = Saint ( I’m sorry that what St. Maximilian Kolbe said not me, the Saint of the Auschwitz, the Nazi Death Camp)
John Paul II declared him “The Patron Saint of Our Difficult Century”

Where W = Gods will , w = Our Will to do God’s will makes us Saint. And yes it did, just read his life.

So this is my Bold Proclamation to you today, In face persecution say Yes Lord I accept you, I know you are in control, I know this cross is not empty, you are there, let them come with all they have for my victory is already won by you at that cross, and this cross, and in every cross.

Make no mistake friend, Sacraments, does include us in the Body of Christ, so as we call call ourselves Christians, but Jesus Christ explicitly told us that “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” in Matthew 12.50
But does that mean sacraments are void?
But no means, they are the graces that we need to do the Will of our Father, Son and Spirit.
Everybody falls, everybody sins, but please remember that does separate us from our God, but only to the time when we have no confessed our sins in the Sacrament of reconciliation by repenting.

So this is what I’m telling you today, Christians you are no exception to the Word of God, you of all people should know that God has expressed to us though the Sacred Scripture.
John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Prophesy to His Believers

So this my friend, I’m telling you, my brothers and sisters as Jesus has said it boldly before everyone, as i say it before my future, my family, and before the courts of the world that.
“Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over to be killed. Fathers will hand over their own children to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and will have them killed. Everyone will hate you because you follow me. But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. When you are treated badly in one city, go to another city. I promise you that you will not finish going to all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes again.” – Matthew 10:21-23

But if this is persecution how can still do Lords work? Well lets follow Him on what He says through St Paul “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. – Philippians 1:6

And through Prophet Jeremiah  Do not be afraid of them, For I am with you to deliver you,” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 1:8

Now, gird up your loins and arise, and speak to them all which I command you. Do not be dismayed before them, or I will dismay you before them. “Now behold, I have made you today as a fortified city and as a pillar of iron and as walls of bronze against the whole land, to the kings of Judah, to its princes, to its priests and to the people of the land. “They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 1:17-19

But that does not mean Fight them, but as

Romans 12 says  14 Bless those who persecute you. Bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep. 16 Live in harmony with one another.

“If your enemy is hungry, feed him;

if he is thirsty, give him a drink.

For in so doing,

you will heap burning coals on his head.”

21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

“If you going though a trial and suffering and God seems to be miles away, remember in a Test the Teacher is Always Quiet, but that does not mean He’s not present. Oh He’ is very much with you, more than you know.”

Now to the Conclusion, you wanted know right why they do what they do?


Just look at picture for few moments and you will understand what I’m trying to tell you today.

See Darkness is the absence of light. And you see that in the Candle above you, that the more the light is the greater is the darkness. But even with its greatness it cannot penetrate the Light, which illuminates so brightly.

So this proves that when you say the truth, people don’t like it, and the number who have their version of Jesus Christ, who has their own thoughts as how God revealed though us, this comes as a blow, because it shakes their fundamental thoughts, the thoughts that has dominated them since their introduction to this faith.

Now, I wont blame them, and I don’t want you to blame them too! For this is not a blame game, this is me telling you, forgive them for they don’t know what is wrong and what is write. Because years of practicing what they believe has blurred the vision of truth and lie.

This is Mercy in Misery, trust me when I tell you, that they are in the lives are fighting themselves, and they are fighting themselves, sometimes even greater wars than what we are fighting. So I tell you friends, we can but forgive them, because then only we can become channels of Mercy, the real mercy of God, channeling directly at their misery. 

After all, we want them to be saved, right? Jesus will ask us on the last day, The day of Judgement, your brothers and sisters were suffering, what did you do to save him?

I tell you Let us give them the very best thing that we have Gods mercy, for our Belief, Faith and life is based on God’s infinite love and mercy. 

See Darkness in world wants wants to feel light, they also want to know what is the secret that makes the light to lit. But it cannot because there is a big difference in between what they want and how they want it. 

Problem is there is only one way to attain it. 

And I will scream this out to out.

Submit, Surrender, Love, Forgive, Show Mercy, Preach, Live, Bring Life, Give life, Defend and Save it at all cost.

I know its a couple of words, but they all mean the same thing Love, they all mean God as God is but Love. 

Remember the Last Supper, the Most Powerful Experience of the Apostles of Jesus, where Jesus reveals them His Mission Statement, and the Mission Statement of Every Christian and how it can be achieved.

This is so powerful that every Sunday the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Last Supper with the Apostles and Disciples of today. (Read the below chapters from the Gospel of the Heart, Gospel of John)

John 13 , John 14 , John 15 , John 16 , John 17

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Lord thank you for the grace, of sufferings, thank you Lord, for sharing us that we are on the right path, that is why we are persecuted for your sake, Lord help us to accept our suffering, with deep love for you, and understand you more, let us Lord feel your presence as you promised to St Faustina, during our trails and temptations and most of all in our persecutions. 

Lord Help us to be weak as we should be so that your power can over power us, Help us to be Strong as we should be to proclaim your Kingdom even when we face tough and tougher persecution, even death. 

Let us be examples Lord, examples of your army of Saints, who will not be shaken, by anything, but with your grace and power lead them to you. 

Oh Mary Mother of God, when we fail, lead us back to Jesus, oh First Disciple, Gods chosen one, pray for us in every moment, wash us clean with the Blood and Water which gushed forth from His pierced Side. 

Oh Queen of Heaven and of the Kingdom come, Lead us & make us worthy to be present in front of our King, so that we may boldly proclaim in this world and in the next that we are ready for Our King, Queen and the Kingdom that we are going to live. Hallelujah Praise the Lord, the Father, Son and Spirit.


Go Change the World!


Sampad Xavier Chaudhuri 


For Give

Dear friends,

The words Forgive, is so simple, For-Give, it means to sacrifice something for someone, it simply means to give something to someone, and that something is Peace.

You know what forgiveness is?
Its everything.

Its the end of end and beginning of the beginning.


Its the breathable air of mercy that keeps us away from the suffocation of hatred, of Justice
and catastrophe.
To be honest it is what keeps the world together.

Beyond every suffering, every sin,every humiliation,every defeat, every wrong doing, every hatred, every shame is #Forgivness

(This is picture of the miraclulous statue of St Lawrence of Rome at the Start Lawrence Basilica, Attire, India. St Lawrence who is a great wonder worker is a inspiration for us on how beyond every persecution there is Forgiveness)

Forgiveness is a sign of divinity, its began with Jesus and it ends with Him.
Forgiveness is fragile, for it has a lot to do with commitment and duty, but if
it becomes a habit it becomes a lifelong companion.
Hatred on the other hand is lethal its the brain child of anger, and as there saying
if you hate someone you have already been conquered by them.

Forgive for its easy to forgive, its very hard to hate.

Forgive for its the first step of love, and its everything that keeps love together.


Lord Jesus Christ upon that cross you taught us how to forgive.
You taught us how to write the new begining, how to stop the journey to the end.
Help us that as you have forgiven us, we too can become workers, workers of your mercy,
Lord we are broken, we all are, but let that not be excuse for our sins, for hardening of our hearts,
Lord may we forgive the unforgiving, even the most unrepentant rude hurtful persons, for as your Holy word says
Mercy will be shown to those who will show mercy.
In your holy name may we obtain your mercy and share it with all whom you want us to share with.

God bless you all my dear friends, do pray for me, and I will for you too!

Peace be with you,



2017 Resolution!

​No one can attain holiness by themselves alone. It has to be an active effort on the side of you and an active prayer life to receive the grace for the day that was due to you. 

Sins that control us hinder our relationships with Jesus and has the potential to destroy our capabilities to love.

Though it sounds so simple but a heart that cannot give or receive love become dry and so does the body and then only the entire system fails with so many disorders to cope up with. 

One of the stupidest way that Satan wants us to Sin is by Lying. 

This new year let us make a resolution not to lie.

I know all of us are guilty of it, big time or small time though I believe it’s a life long effort to fight sin. 

And don’t be afraid to come to Jesus is the most powerful sacrament of reconciliation once a sin has set foot on your beautiful life.

Let us end sin, let us not give Satan our a daam foothold on 2017.

That year is the year of the Lord.

That year is the year of our redemption.

The year where we win, in History of our lives as it will be written Satan lost.

(This is the Divine Mercy Image, after the Holy Eucharist this is the most powerful prayer I know; The Divine Mercy Chaplet, say it everyday with a contrite heart at 3 pm when our Lord expired not only for you but for all who need them, your enemies your friends family, for me, for my family for this community, for all in the world.

Make it a Habibt and see how miracles work in your life. 

I trust in Jesus and I trust in His mercy that He is so eager to share with you my friend.)

Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Armour of God.


God bless you all.

I make this prayer in the name of Jesus, by trusting in His mercy and Love. Amen.

Merry Christmas

Happy 2016th Birthday Jesus.

Amen Hallelujah
Even a tiny bit of light can penetrate and destroy darkness.
Oh dear Lord

Let today I and my friends my family and the entire world who patiently waited for your Birthday, which has finally come reflect your light in our live Lord.

May the world be ingnited in the auras of your life of your light Lord may no darkness overcome us help us to shine in your light which is everlasting and always overwhelming to the eternal enemy.

Lord we ask this prayer, we choose to wear your armour today we confess that you are our Lord today and we believe in your our saviour. We take your precious blood and anoint us with us with it.

May it flow through our veins to every cells of our body and cleanse us of our Sins, may it sanctify our soul renew our lives and renew our minds.

May beyond the vanity of the world we can invite you into our hearts and minds and with you spend your Birthday in this life and in eternal paradise.

Lord keep us away from Sin, Help us to be weak in life so ask to display your Strength in our lives.

 Lord we ask this at your feet, at the cross bowing our heads down, for we know your mercy surpasses all things that are happening and all things to come.

Live as a Saint by Being God’s friend

Dear friends in Jesus Christ, 

Hallelujah to the Risen Lord, and to our Father and to the Spirit who inspired me to write again for Him.

In the beginning there was only God, Father and Spirit on Heaven, with His Angels that he created but Satan sinned and Hell became his abode. God was happy but His angels who were created were programmed to praise to love and to honor him, and God wanted someone who will love Him and be His friend, and as friendship involves two persons of free will so He got a brilliant plan, and with all His love He made the universe. Then He made Man(Adam) and Woman(Eve) on His own image, and just to prove that He loves us, He gave us right to rule over all His creation.

So why did create do all this?

As I said before He did all of this because He wanted us to be His friend, to love Him. And all things that He created is for us to use it to Praise Him, to Love Him in our own free will. He wanted us to have the peace that He has.

All was going well, but one day there was this Satan came in, and as He was not free, as he was not in peace because he is in Hell and tried to lure us into sin, and as we ate from the fruit from the forbidden tree, we gave away our freedom and thus sin entered into our lives and we forgot why we were created.

We were called to live and love forever, but through sin we chose to hate and die and be forgotten forever.

Watching this God was very upset so He sends His only son Jesus to earth, and we all know the story after that, we all know how much price he paid on that cross, just that we can live in peace and in harmony as children of God.

Watching this, Satan was very much afraid, because He knows that now He can enslave us no more, so He tried to bound us up into more and more sin through hate, through wars, through gossip etc

However as these hatred are being spread now,  Jesus is also being so much upset so He is asking me and you, to be like Him, to be the leader who will Lead Himself and help others as the lead themselves to the Great I AM.

And that my friend is Sainthood.

There are many saints like St Faustina, St Mother Teresa, St Teresa of Avila, St Therese whom He God decided to share with His church, and some whom are only known to Him. And we friends are called to be those Saints, to be friends with Christ and our Father and the Spirit, in Him through Him with Him.

All Man and Woman, and the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ is the Head of that Body. So when we say we need to Love God, we need to be friends with Him, we also have to be friends with each other. Not just a fair weather friend, but a true friend, one who won’t leave when we need Him

Now as you see there are two simultaneous tasks before you, if you accept the Lords call to become a Saint.

One to Love the Lord more, and One to Love our Neighbor.

This following exercise would help us to Lord the Lord more, to console Him more.

Breathe in, Breathe out, and in between them take a Pause.

Pause, Breathe in fill your lungs with you’re the air, and breathe it out again repeat it.

  • Now when we pause we long for air, right? That is how we should long for the Lord, by accepting the fact that we need the Lord in every moment of our life, now matter we have sinned or we are restless, or any moment we can imagine.
  • Now when we breathe in we feel at peace right? That is how the Lord comes every time we invite Him trustfully, and gives us peace. Peace the commodity of Heaven.
  • Now when we can’t hold that air any more we breathe it out, and with smile and with a grateful heart we say to the Lord I thank you Hallelujah.

That’s it!

I tell you one secret today that the Lord has revealed it to so many of us, which I would reveal it to you, nothing pleases Him more than to be our Savior, so just ask Him and He will come all the time.

So this is simple isn’t it, a small little prayer for every situation, for every moment which can help us to Love God immensely beyond our imaginations.

Now the next part is as easy as it can get, to Love our Neighbor.

Lets Jesus do it for us, we will just trust Him and when He inspires us to do something, we just do it.

Our main objective is not to Love our neighbor as we would have loved them, but to love them as Jesus would have loved them, I mean after all that is why He sends us to that person, at that exact moment, at that exact place.

Now this Love and Mercy can be shown by one way and that is by being an answered prayer to someone, or simply we can say that by being a blessing to someone and it can be done in three parts.

Through our Work- like through giving alms, helping others in the way they need help, forgiving them if they have done something wrong to you,

Through our Words – like a gentle talk when you see someone is upset, or just by listening to them, or just by being there, and letting them know that they are not alone, that we are there for them.

It can also be done by Prayer when you know you are not in a position to help that person either by your work or by your words, and when you pray for the person, you just allow Jesus to help that person.

So to summarize all things that God told you through me today, I’ll end by saying, Don’t ask, what God can give you, for he has given you everything that you need to live a lifetime, Ask what you can give to Him, namely your friendship and faithfulness, but don’t just spend the entire day thinking what you can give to him, for everything is His creation, just allow Him to paint His Kingdom with your life.

Now if you still hesitating to be friends with the Lord, you ask Mary our Mother, to lend her Yes to you, and She will help you. As for the prayers, try to do the 3’0 clock Divine Mercy Prayer, everyday for Jesus said in that hour if you pray the Chaplet or the Stations of the Cross (if you have time) or just try to adore my Passion with belief and trust, He will give you everything you ask for.

Peace my friend, I leave you with the Lord’s peace as the Lord has given me.

Now all of this wont be complete if we do not make a resolution. So now we would pass the resolution for our lives and you would take it, sign it today in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and it put it somewhere in your house where you can see it.


Now if you would like join me as I sing


Praise the King 


In Christ