Everything starts with humility

Dear brethren, as I write to you today, I’m writing to all Christians, because it is you who are the disciples of Jesus Christ, for we all have sinned, died on the cross, and have shared his body, his blood and in his glory we are lifted from the death, to be his followers having hope in the eternal life, and having faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord God, I pray to you to enlighten me, and them who I am speaking with, for it Your message, Lord, which bears Your seal, and which has Your name, which I am trying to lift high for you have given me your peace, through your presence.

Friends, I ask you a very important question today,  “Do you Love Jesus Christ? Do you believe that He is the Son of God? The one who came for us, to deliver us from death, from sins, from temptations, from sufferings, from Satan and all his acts? Do you believe that Jesus came to serve us, as our King, as our true leader, and as the greatest Teacher one can have? Do you, my friend, believe that Jesus Christ is peace, he is Love, and he is our Lord and our God? Lastly do you renounce Satan and all his delusions and all his acts?”

If you do, then pray with me, to Abba Father, Father make us your worthy Son, everyday more and more like your first born Jesus Christ, guide us Father, lead us Father, strengthen us Father, be with us Father, that we may bask in your glory, in your presence and glorify others through proclaiming Your words and your holy Name. Hallelujah, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, we pray this prayer. Amen Hallelujah.

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Friends, so now I know that you love Jesus, because you just said so, but do you know what Jesus Christ has said? He said if you love me you will keep my commandments. And his commandment is nothing but only one, for unbelievers it are just one, for believers it is the way, the life, the light, and it is Jesus Christ.

Jesus only said to “Love”, Love your God with everything you have, and Love your neighbors as I have loved you.

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Now this commandment has a dependency, one cannot Love God without loving his or her neighbors, and one cannot love his or her neighbor if he does not love God. It is so because if we say we love God, do as the scripture says, keeping the law ahead of love, we actually become pharisees for we are preaching what we do not practice, and we cannot love one another unless we know how to love God this is because, love only comes from God, it is He who loves us first, then we can love others, for He is pure love.

Many a times friends, we love one another by keeping what we have promised them, or obeying them or simply listening to them, but today through me Jesus is asking you and me to go deeper, this is what he has told us 2000 years ago, but we are so futile, yet boast in that futile-ness that we were not able to do it.  Do not worry friends, I was blind too, it was Jesus Christ who opened my eyes, and he will open your too.

Jesus said, I am your teacher, yet I will wash your feet, for if you do not let me wash your feet, you have no part in me.

Now my friends, this is true love, humility is not a weakness, it is love what makes us humble.

Jesus Christ died humbly, not boastfully, he gave his own life for our sins, he was sin less, yet he chose to die, we were sinful and we still are, but as God has raised him from the dead, so we are also raised from death, from our sins, that through him, though we may die in our flesh, for it is weak, but as our faith is strong, our soul is strong in Jesus Christ,  we will have eternal life in him.

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I know it is difficult to believe me , for I am no one, and then  you haven’t yet seen Jesus Christ, I haven’t too, then why should you believe in him? I had the question too friends, but I tell you today what Jesus said to Thomas, and to me, “Blessed are those who have not seen me, yet believe”



For Jesus says “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

That is why Christianity is the way friends, if we walk through that way we will able to see God. We will be able to meet our Creator, and he will dine with us in his Kingdom.

Friends, thus if we want to love one another, we have to be humble, we have to wash the feet of other disciples, not matter where they live, or what they are. For we all are Children of God, and Christ has died for all of us. And if we want to be his disciples we have to follow what he has commanded, because we are washed by Jesus Christ, it is now time for those who are blind, that we go to them, in the name of Jesus Christ, and open their eyes, so that they can see who is Jesus Christ through us, so that they can feel Him, so that they can become our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ once again.

Friends, I know this is difficult for people will be shocked they will say aren’t only priests are supposed to do, and is this not only a Maundy Thursday ritual? Well my friends, yes it is a ritual that is performed on Maundy Thursday, but Jesus Came to destroy the rituals isn’t it? We do that so that we can at-least remember what Jesus did to all of us, and  priest do that , because they are representatives of Jesus Christ, they are his Apostles.It is now upto us, that should we keep that act of humility, act of love from our God, as a ritual or perform it with love, for we the lay person are His disciples too, and Jesus Christ has told all of us to perform this rite, for when we do this, Jesus Comes and lives in us, and blesses us, and leads us, and loves us and it is through him that we are able to do this, so that more sinners can be forgiven, and be brought to the light of Jesus Christ.

Friends, I was also rejected when I approached someone, to wash his feet, I was called mad, but if living the truth is madness, then I’m okay with it. Friends, we all servants of Jesus Christ, are we not? Then why do we have so much ego, how can one servant be better than the other one? And who gave us the authority to judge one another? That they are superior or inferior to us? Friends do not be dismayed, for I tell you this letter will change you, if you read it from your heart, because it Jesus who is writing to you today.

Beware; I warn you, if you cannot humble yourself as a servant, of one another, then you cannot serve Jesus Christ. For our King, our Lord Jesus Christ came to serve, not to be served, so we his disciples how can we ask others to serve us, instead of us serving them? 

Many of us, who are also blind, say that I am a Christian, because  I go to church, I give alms to the poor, I’m blessed, I’m saved, I do this for Christ, I do that for Christ, well my friend, if what you do so much, but we do not have love in our hearts we are nothing. Not worthy to be called his disciples. For we are not saved  by what we do or did, we are saved because God sent his only Son to take the punishment of our sins on his shoulder, on that cross, so that he can die for our sins, so that we can live in him. 

So if one is not humble, they cannot receive faith, because our God is a humble God, and he looks at his creation, namely his image, that is us, he loves those and chooses only those who have a heart next to him. And if we do not have faith, we cannot hope for anything in our lives, for what are we to hope in? And if we do not have hope, we do not have love in our hearts, and without love, we cannot love one another, and finally if we do not love one another, we cannot  love God. Thus we cannot follow the only commandment that our Lord Jesus Christ has given us, that Love your God with everything you have, and love one another as I have loved you. So can you see now friends, how much important it is to be humble?

For Christ says, “if you love your life you will lose it, but if you die in me you will have eternal life”

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Friends, if you are not humble, then you do not have love, for the love is patient, it is kind it does not boast it is all good, it is life, and it is Jesus Christ. And I tell you friends, then you are just blind, blind to the world, like the old me. You are nothing more than an orphan roaming around all alone in this war zone, between Good and Evil. Where you are suffering, yet you do not know, when you are suffering, you are blaming God for that.

Friends Jesus is the only way we have to father, for if we are not humble, we cannot love Jesus, and then we cannot travel through the way (which is Christ himself) to father, and then you are not his children, you are just an orphan.

 But my dear friends, there is hope, that is why I am writing to you, for you are already saved from all your sufferings, you only have accept the fact that you are saved, and if and when you accept it in your heart,  you are saved by the power of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God, the giver of the Holy Spirit.

Then all you have to do is pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to come, for he will baptize you and make you new again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  And I tell you what friend; do not be afraid for God is with us, among us, in us.  He is his words, He is love, he is the source of all of the goodness, and he is the entrepreneur of  all the good things that we do.

If you are at peace remember that is because God chose to die for you. He who died was sinless, but you and me are sinful, and there is only one punishment for redemption of sins, according to the law of Moses, Death. But we are living because Christ, the Son of God chose to die for us, for our sins. That we can live, through him, in him and with him.

Friends, brothers and sisters, there is little time to waste, for God’s Kingdom is here, let us remove all the things from us that are keeping us in the ground, all the things that are not letting us to fly above our ego, above our our world-ly affairs.

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For if you choose to live here in this world, you will die, and there will be no eternal life after death, for your mouth did not confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and you will condemned to the fires of hell,  but if choose to die for Christ, you will live, for through you may be dead in Flesh, you will live in Spirit, and will have eternal life, Just like Jesus has, for then we will get the right to become His brothers and sisters, and then we can call our heavenly father, abba father, and we will become his own children.

For I tell you friends, Humility is the first act of Jesus Christ in you, once abba finds that you are made humble through his son Jesus Christ, he will give you the gift of Hope, that it is in his Son Jesus Christ, we will have eternal life, and once we believe in that hope, God will grant us the gift of Faith, that faith which made the Apostles of Jesus and all his Saints to perform miracles in his name, that Faith which will ultimately lead us to the cross, to the salvation, and bring us ever closer to God, then my friend, we will be true Christians.

Go friends, go wash each other’s feet, not as a ritual, but out of love, out of humility, for if we are Christians then we have to imitate Jesus Christ, otherwise he has no part in us, and we have no part in him, for we have become impostors in the name of Christianity, because if we follow him, if we are humble enough then only we can see the Kingdom of Heaven. For it is said the Kingdom of Heaven is for the humble, for they shall enter on it.

Friends, now go in peace, and serve the Lord, your God, and serve the fellow man and women you find, for that is Christianity, that is the only way of being a Christian, a Follower of the Anointed.


God Bless you friend.






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