Are we of Jesus Christ?

Oh Eternal Father, all glory and honor is yours forever and ever, I thank you for everything that you have done for me, and still doing for me, and I acknowledge your son Jesus Christ, for it is through Him, we are redeemed from the gates of Hell. Oh Holy Spirit, thank you leading me till now, and I pray that you will lead me, wherever you Father, want me to go, in whatever you Father want me to do. Hallelujah.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

Today’s is a very special day, for I bring Good News, good news in the name of Christ Jesus, that He can live in you and guide you in every aspect of your life.

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So in this letter I must tell you a story, which our Father told me, today, sometime before.

“Once upon a time, there was a rich Shepherd, who had a lot of lands, lot of sheep among his cattle, and a great home, everything he had was majestic yet so peaceful. Everyday he used to take his sheep to the green pastures where they can be all by themselves, and the Shepherd will watch over them, all day long, as they lead their life, eating grass and other stuffs. And in the days end, he will lead all of them back to house, in the safety and comfort of his farm.

This used to happens everyday, and one day while they were eating grass, one sheep found something attractive and went in search for it, leaving its friends and the Shepard behind. And followed it for sometime, and to its surprise, it came to know that it has lost its way in the wilderness, and could not find its friends nor the Shepherd nearby. It was very afraid, for never it has been so alone in its life.

At that very moment a tiger appeared, and that tiger said to the sheep, that you must not run from me now, for as you already know you cannot outrun me, and I will take you now, for you will become my and my children’s dinner, oh what a feast we will have today!(The tiger exclaimed).

The sheep cried out for help, it was so afraid, that it could not even run, and the tiger then jumped on the sheep, with all its might and force so as to kill it, and take it home as a price jewel for itself and for its children.

However all of a sudden the Shepherd appeared, and he jumped in between, and what a fight took place in between the tiger and the Shepard, for 2 days they fought very hard, however on that third day, the Shepard, killed the tiger and saved the Sheep from dying.

And then He took that sheep into his arms and said “I love you this much, and I will fight for you always, for I am with you always, if you love me, follow my commandments” and the sheep was so full of joy that on its mind, thanked God, for saving it, from the assured death, for giving it another chance to live.”

Friends, this is the story of Jesus Christ, and God the Father and the Holy Spirit and us, this is exactly the same story, which Jesus told me today.  And this is the same story that is written in the Bible over the years.

That “Farm” in the story is the “Kingdom of Heaven”, those “Green Pastures” , is the “Earth” that we live in. And we all have come from the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, to be all by ourselves, to live the day, just as we want to live, at the will of God the Father. (For it is said that “One day is like a thousand years in the eyes of the Lord, and a thousand years is like one day “)

The “sheep” in the story is “us”, all of us, equal, no one is better than the other, no one is greater than the other, men and women, yet we are all unique, yet we all gifted by our very own gifts, yet we all have our strengths and our weakness, yet we belong to the “same farm” that is the “Kingdom of God”, and yet we have “One Good Sheppard that is Jesus Christ” himself, he who has called us to perform certain duties, so that we can never loose our way.  

Once we choose to do something, that is visually attractive, once we choose to do what everyone is doing, for our temporary pleasures, “we reject the leadership of the Good Sheppard”, then we sin. And when we sin, like the sheep in the story, “we loose the way in the wilderness of life.”

And then comes the Satan in the image of a tiger (using Strength to tempt us), serpent (using Stealth to break us), or Jackal (using Deceit to confuse us), or simply by all its evil powers of dominion. And screams at us that you must be one of us now, for no one will come to save you, for you are my slave now, you will serve the sin, which I will gift you, you will no longer be free, but your sins will be forever before you, and take the better of you, and thus you will die in your sins, and be one of us, and increase the number of us as my children.

However, as in the story, the sheep cried out for help, that is by the power of the Holy Spirit we cry out for help too, by means of prayer ( for Prayer comes from the word “precari” which in Latin means “to ask earnestly, beg, entreat”), for if Holy Spirit does not guide us, how can we pray?

And when we pray, we pray to our Abba Father in Heaven, saying that “Father save me.”

And at that moment Jesus Christ comes, jumps in between us and the Satan, fights the tiger, destroys it, and in the days end lead us back to heaven, where we belong.

Now my friend, this is Christianity, and we are all children of God, we are all Sheep of one Good Shepherd , that is Jesus Christ, and when we choose our Good Shepherd , we actually follow the way that He has shown us, the way of love, that way that laid the foundation of his One Holy Apostolic Church, the Universal Church ( The Catholic Church, for Catholic means Universal), once we choose to love one another, once we become Humble, we never loose our way, and at the days end that is when we die, we simply go back to our Father in Heaven, in the Kingdom of God, united “as one” with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Friends one cannot understand what God the Father just told you, through me, if you do not have faith, I know you will argue with me, with your doctrines, ideas, thoughts and what not, but on this day of Pentecost, at the presence of the Holy Spirit, I tell you that the Truth cannot be destroyed, nor can it be hidden, one day it will come out, for that is the light. That is God.

And one cannot do anything, that can actually grant you faith, for faith is free gift of God, and to see faith one to has empty him/herself , and be Humble, to the world, just like Jesus Christ.


Let me tell you today, that our life, is like a vessel, if its already filled by the world, the Holy Spirit cannot be poured into us, for even if it tries, it would be spilled out, we will spill it out, but once we empty, the worldly things that has made us full, our ego, our excuses, our anger, our lies, our sins, once we throw them away, the Holy Spirit fills the vessel again, but this time, it is now filled with the Spirit of God, that Spirit which created the world, at God’s the Father’s command. It is now filled with Love, for God is Love.

Being Humble is the first step towards having faith, one can tell you that you are of Jesus Christ, if you are Humble, and that means not anger but righteous anger, not defense against persecution but letting us get persecuted, that does not mean giving alms to the needy in front of everyone, but in silence, in dark, saying that it was Jesus Christ who has given it to you (for if Jesus has not given us the means, can we give it to the needy?). It means living the word of God, just as the word says. It means no to excuse, but yes “I can do”. It means, living life, and not being dead. It means laughter and not cry. It means finding joy in serving others, just as they want to be served. It means acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and rejection of the World. It means letting the Holy Spirit work in us, that we can be made worthy to be a follower of Jesus Christ. True humility never boasts, for it knows that everything comes from Jesus and Jesus only,(which comes from Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit) that without Him we are nothing.

Then only God will grant you the faith, for God looks at our heart, and gives faith in his son Jesus Christ only to those who have the heart next to himself.

And lastly, I want to tell you that if you bow down to God, if you kneel, before him, and you pray (Converse), you worship (Praise), or offer sacrifice to God, in silence, you are doing more than those, who shout and pray saying that “I’m saved”, who gives alms in front of everyone, who prays in the loudest of his voice, and draws people towards himself, not to Jesus.

For then God lifts you up, and you do not have to say that “I’m saved”, the Spirit of God will tell the world, that “This man/woman is saved by Jesus Christ”, and Father will tell the world that, “This is my Son/Daughter and I am proud of him/her” and by the Glory of the Father, by His presence only, he/she will draw masses, for then Jesus Christ Himself will be present in him/her to bring more and more people to the light, to life, eternal life, to the One Trinitarian God.


Remember one has to lead to Jesus Christ himself/herself first, then only in the power of the Holy Spirit by the Will of God the Father, they can lead others to Him. For if you are not called how can you call others?

Hallelujah God Bless you all, and I wish you a Happy Feast of the Solemnity of the Coming of the Holy Spirit to the World.



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