Does God exist?

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ

In the beginning I thank God the Father for sharing with me what I am going to share with you now.

Friends, in Christ Jesus I thank you all for coming to read my letter to you, in this letter I want to share with you one of the greatest confusion that Satan is trying to create among us.

In schools and colleges and in other debatable areas I have seen such topic came into existence that “Does God Exist?” Or to add more to it “Which is the one true God?” Later “why should we worship someone whom we have not seen felt or known?” “Why not believe in ourselves only?”

  • Does God exist?

Yes to tell you the truth, as you know I only speak the truth in the name of Jesus Christ when I am writing to you, that God exists.

But to understand that one must make some effort and love someone, deeply. And we know, For God is love and to love God one has to love one another and vice versa.

So once you have done that, once you have put someone before you and loved that person more than your own self , you my friend will know why God created us, and thus you will know that God is love.

  • Now which one is the true God?

Yes I know there are man made Gods who have been solely created for the purposes of earning money from them. But to them I tell you, judgment will come upon you and it will come harshly, for the God who have created you, not gave you any right to create another false image or idol and falsely proclaim that it is God among your people, so as you earn your living on the works (if any) by any means you perform on the name of that God. 

And to all of you who are reading my friends in the name of Jesus Christ I tell you that God gives peace, God shares Love, God is one who is patient. It is he who is the source of all knowledge, wisdom, science,arts commerce . It is he who has created them and have sent it to us so as to improve the quality of our lives.

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And that God is in 3 persons , the Father almighty, our Father, who sits on the throne at heaven, it is he who has created all things with his own word with the power of the Holy Spirit, keeping his first born son Jesus Christ as witness.

Then comes Jesus Christ the only begotten Son, who came to earth leaving his Kingdom, so that the sins which the world was full off, the death that came with that sin, can be removed, and that all creation, all who believes in him can have eternal life, and can never die.

Then comes the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which created the world by the world of God the Father, the same Spirit which raised Jesus Christ from death, the same Spirit which gives us all knowledge,hope , faith wisdom, love and everything that we need to live righteously in the Glory of God.

So this is God, that God who Created us with all his power, who Loved us to the point of dying on a cross just to save us and who Blessed us so that we can know him better, and imitate his life so that we can become the children of the Father almighty again, despite of our sinful past.

  • Now coming to the point of why should we worship someone whom we have not seen or felt?

Friend do not be like Thomas the Apostle, who said to Jesus that until I see marks on your hands and chest I won’t believe that you have risen from the dead. For Jesus came in front of Him and just showed him his marks and said “you have seen me that is why you believe , but blessed are those who haven’t seen, yet believed.

For Jesus is telling you the same thing now to you, through my letter, for my conscience bears witness that I’m telling the truth, that these words are of our Father in heaven, I am just writing, for it is Father who is sharing with us the story of his Glorified son, with the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Lastly it is true we should believe in ourselves for we are also created by God, but we should not love ourselves more than we love God.

For then we are trying to take the position of God in our lives. And by doing so we are blocking the very grace of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ has performed for us by by dying on the cross. Now I won’t tell you that God will leave you, for I do not know what God will do if you do this, but I’m sure if we do this we are leaving God.

And then if and when we are attacked by the evil one, we won’t be able to resist ourselves against the tyranny of sin, and death, for death being the fruit of sin. And it will destroy you one by one, friends I can tell you these from my own personal experience.

But at the moment we will bow down on our knees, humble for we have lost everything, praying to God, saying that God save me now you alone are my refuge. That is the moment when we are letting God in our lives, we are giving Jesus Christ the burden of out Cross with which he will die, again so that our shoulders can be free, that we can too live freely, just as God the father intended. So that when Christ rises from death, death from the burden of our sins, we are risen to into living beings again.

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Friends I can tell you all this because I was dead too, it was Jesus Christ who has made me alive and have given me eternal life, for even if I die now, my I have life, for I know that after this our exile we will see the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of Heaven, God Kingdom, where our King Jesus Christ will reign over us, by the authority of God the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, with mother marry and all the saints and angels forever and ever.

God bless you my dear friends.



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