What is life?

My dear friends in Christ Jesus,

What can I tell you what I have not felt, and what I feel is this, that there is Joy in following Jesus.So Father thank you for showing me truth, light and life.

I know I’m sinner just like you, but I also know that Jesus Christ of Nazareth has forgiven me, for it is said that where there is sin there is the opportunity of more and more grace and forgiveness.

It’s because we are connected with God no matter if we accept or not. God’s love can be shown in this world like a mother who cannot forget her child even if the child forgets her.

No I’m not saying that God is man or woman. For I know that both men and women are imperfect but God who has created us, is already perfect.

So he is beyond us, beyond our measures.

I have also told you that God is one, and as this term God is now used very vaguely, now let me first show you time frame when the word “God” started to appear in the writing, I believe it started from 1800 AD. And it has it’s origin from the German word “Gott”, or from the Dutch word “God”.

So if we say God, we must mention the Triniatarian God, for that is our God, the one true God, and  that means God the Father(Who has created), God the Son(Who has saved) and God the Spirit(Who is leading us).

Now I’ll show you one picture and explain what it means and leave you into your imagination and thinking that you can understand the true truth and not the lie that was lied to you.


Now as you see, all the other so called religious leaders have died, but no one has conquered the grave, they all lie in the grasp of death. However Jesus Christ has died, for he was the same human being, part of the same suffering, bearing the same punishment of the sin, which Adam and Eve committed.

But as he has obeyed the Father and has not done any sin in his life, and as he is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, therefore God the Father has glorified him with his presence and has risen him from death. 

So His grave is empty, its open. For he is living the eternal life, and thus all who believes in him, and all who follows his ways will also have eternal life. And following him on our each and every act that we we do everyday makes us Christian, not only going to the Church and praying.

And I tell you friends, that we can follow him, because the same power of God, that made Moses to divide the Red Sea in half(Exodus 14:21), that same power by which Jesus Christ turned water into wine(John 2:1-11), and that same power which made Christ to rise from death(1 Corinthians 15), is in you and me(Ephesians 1:19-20)


Now coming to the truth of it, for truth does not wait for someone to tell you, truth always finds it way out to you, it gets revealed to you, for God has already revealed it though his first born son Jesus Christ our Savior, King life and light.

That truth one has to feel, for no matter how many times it would be spoken to you, you will not understand unless the grace of God, The Holy God the Father reveals it to you, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And truth is God the Father Loved us so much that he sent his First Born, His perfect creation, to the once perfectly created world, which by itself made imperfect though sins making death to reign in us all.

God the Father gave us his son that through his son Jesus Christ our master that we can no longer be slave of sins and die in time, but that through him even if we die we will have eternal life.
That life is not of flesh but of spirit and that is living life as God willed when he created us, not living alive having fear of death.

So if you believe in Jesus you will follow him and you will follow him when you will know him and when you will know him you will love him and when you will love him you will love one another and when you will love one another you will serve one another and when you will serve one another then you will already have shed your pride and then you are empty , then you have rejected the imperfections, the sins that are of this world. Then you will be humble, then one day you will die for him or her to protect him or her, and then you will be a worthy son or daughter of God the Father. Then Father will glorify you with His aura and power and might that you will be raised from death and then you will get the privilege to be united with him, to sit beside him, beside Jesus Christ, to praise him and to witness his Glory above all creations.

Then my friend we will be become Christians, a part of the army of love, who’s leader is crafted in love molded in truth, one who created the light and one who is life who’s name is Jesus Christ.

16151618607_9f098a8e61_b (2).jpg

God bless you.




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