What is the greatest weapon that we have?

My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, 

I thank you father for letting me write this letter to honor your holy name, so that your glory can come on earth. And I ask you father that you lead me, that I can lead your people to you, by living what I preach in your holy name. Hallelujah 

In the beginning I must tell you that whoever is in Jesus can say to the whole world, 

That Neither I am afraid of dying, not of death, that neither it matters if I live or I die, for if I live I live for Jesus, and I die, I die in the name of Jesus, for I do not live in me, it is Christ, the risen Christ, who lives in me, for though I was sinful, and yet I am, that though I should have been stoned to death, for my sins, as said in the mosaic laws, yet my Jesus My savior took the punishment of my sins, and have died in agony and pain on that cross.


But our all powerful father, who is our creator, who is so powerful that he raised him up from death, and that through him, we who were sinners, who though were living but were dead, who were blind, my friend our eyes are opened and now we are alive in Jesus Christ.

So my dear friends, I am now free, sins though come and go, and try to tempt me, yet they have no dominion over me. For If I choose to follow Jesus I will be free from all other things.

In this letter I must tell you that our live in a war, a constant battle between life, and death. No I’m not telling about physical death only, I’m saying that the battle is in between choosing to live life in spirit, or choosing to live life in flesh. For the desires of the flesh are contrary to the desires of the spirit. 

And the gift of living in spirit is eternal life, peace, love, and mercy, and on the contrary living in flesh means suffering, in pain, in agony, disease etc.

So we have free will to do what we choose, for both have its own strengths and weakness. For we can choose only one and not two either we can put God first and then ourselves, or ourselves first then God.

But beware that when we put ourselves first, we miss out the true enemy that is behind all death and sin, that is Satan. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg

To you all who are reading this, my friend in the name of Jesus I tell you that you are all warriors, for Christ is your power, your weapon is love, your defense is love, and your offence is love. And I tell you in full authority in the name of Jesus Christ that love has the power to conquer all. 

15717634792_2e57bf3eae_b (2)

Once we have surrendered ourselves to God, we have to make a prayer plan, a strategy, that by which we can defeat that one true enemy.

I must tell you that we only have authority over ourselves and our lives, so we can only choose to be righteous in the eyes of God. 

And I tell you that power will let you know, that we do not have to do the heavy lifting, it is God who will do that, we only have to tell him, approach him in the right manner. 


And in this post that is what I will show you friend. I am not asking you to pray for hours, I am just asking you to pray from your heart. 

And offer your sins and everything to Jesus; never be disheartened, For Jesus is the answer to everything.


Bt6YS5f (1)

Friend, when you feel dishearten just look at the crucifix. 

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2727" src="https://ofhisgloryblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/jesus-christ-on-the-cross-the-passion-hd-wallpaper.jpg&quot; alt="Jesus-Christ-On-The-Cross-The-Passion-HD-Wallpaper" width="729" height="500"



See how much of our pain and suffering that we have given to him, that he had to die for us but that is not the end of it, For God says, No matter how much sinful you are, that death, which was the punishment for your sins, has been conquered, through my son Jesus Christ, by the glory of mine, in the power of the Holy Spirit. And that Christ has risen, and that he is living in us, within us, with us. And that we are his church, we all of us, who believe in him whose foundation is Jesus Christ.

Friends this is how one should pray

Lord I need you, I need you lord, right now, at this very moment, I know I have not prayed as I should have, I know I have not followed you like I should, but I need you right now, lord I have been so sinful in the past, and I am still so sinful, but I do not want to lose my life, Lord forgive me, forgive me Lord. I am not as a judge as you are, so I’m asking you to forgive me in the judgments that I have done in my mortal flesh, but I’m also asking you Lord please, please don’t let Satan take over me, please take over me Lord.

Take my heart, and take all my sins, help me to love me again and help me to love others and you Lord above everyone else again. Lord I’m asking you please to help me, stand in the way of Satan and destroy all the temptations and urges and confusions and delusions that he has placed on my way.

Lord you know the desires of my heart, and I know that you will bear me up in your arms and your fulfill them before even I can speak to you, for you alone are so powerful and you alone are so grateful, and you alone lord are my refuge and my strength.

In you Lord I am complete Lord. You are all that I need Lord. Take me Lord; fill me Lord, with you Holy Spirit, and Lord help me that in you I may live. Hallelujah

 There is no magic in the location where you pray, but God says that you must go to your inner room, and pray in silence, so that the lord may reward you, it is said so because in the inner room there you will be alone with the lord only, and there won’t be any earthy distractions, my friends, the lord is our god and he will hold us up in his arms, and he has already born all the sins that we have done, we are doing or we will still do, I believe that the price of our salvation has already been paid at the cross. 

So my dear friends, this is greatest weapon that God has just given you in the name of Jesus Christ, against sins, and against every other evil spirits. Now we have complete authority and power over them. 

So now friends, let us walk in the way which Jesus Christ has proclaimed, and has lived. 



God Bless you all.





Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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