What is the way?

My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ

I thank you today for coming to read the word of God, and I welcome you to my humble blog. And I thank our heavenly Father, my Lord, for showing me the message of today that I would show it to you. So before we begin, let us come and praise His Holy Name and lift it High, above us, with all our might. Let us put forward God before ourselves, and see the small little message that God has brought to us today, though me, his servant. Amen


So this is a parable which God shared with me, which I would share with you.

Who is God? God is like a store, you know grocery stores right?, yes just like that. But he is store, and that store is mystical, it can be in front of you, it can be through me, but you cannot see, or you can see that store from miles away, its only your relationship with God, that depends on your seeing that store. And let me tell you this before I go any further, that that store is unlimited, it can never be empty. 

Now God the Father is the Store manager, it is he who actually grants you all the things that you ask. God the son, Jesus is the receptionist, it is through him that all requests are to be made, for no one can go to father except through him. God the Holy Spirit is the after sales person, who makes sure that the things that you have bought (for free) from the Store, stays with you, and that you can use them in your life, to make it better, to make it worthy of living, truly.

Now try to picture this store, on the side of a lonely highway, for most people find it that way only, they drive through the fast lanes of life, in full force, and they forget that all worldly things are exhaustible, so when the time comes, all of us find that our fuel tanks are empty and that the car the fast life that we are leading, cannot go on. We have come to a complete stop, in a place where there is no one, that my friend, is the depression, suffering, and loneliness. I was there too my friend.


That is the time, when we pray to God, on our knees saying God Save me, and then God then sends you a mentor which is our dear mother Mary. Now praying the Rosary is one of most easiest way, to go to a beautiful, and caring mother, who will help you to heal your life, give you rest shelter from your suffering and food to eat, and will prepare you for your long journey on foot ahead, that if you walk through that way barefoot, you will find her son Jesus Christ. 

And then the Son(Jesus) will grant you forgiveness, and will teach you how to pray, prayer being the heavenly currency. And as you pray, you will find the lost strength that was exhausted for walking for so long, you will get peace in all the internal and external wars you are fighting, then you will be able to see the sins, they ways of the world which dominate you, and God will give you the grace, by which you will be able to overcome them.

Don’t be afraid to ask forgiveness, be afraid of sinning, for we need boast our weakness before God, thus God will make us strong in our weakness. It is by the power of God, that we are made strong, not by our powers so if we hide our sins, our weakness before God, we are simply not surrendering it all to him. And in the throne of our heart, only one can sit and rule and reign, God or us, it cannot be both. 

Spiritual life

And then my friend, once you are in your prayer, your life is in constant touch with God, and that God can see real change in you, that you are not just going to the church, but being the church he wants you to be, by accepting the fact that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and that what we do, we actually offer sacrifice to our God.

We can either give him our sins, or we can give him our praise, its our choice, its like either we can give him a crown of thorns or a nail to be put on his body, or we can just give him a kiss of love for taking the punishment of our sins and dying for us, the choice is completely ours to make.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Now once we know how to pray, God will actually ask us to improve our relationship, by praising him, even when there is no hope, for that is the points in life, when God will actually test your and God’s friendship, that do you trust him more the world, more than you, or do you trust yourself and the world before him.  If you can still continue to praise him then know this very well my friend, you have already became a warrior,  for Praise in the most effective prayer/weapon against sins, Satan and all the evil spirits.

Once we start praising him, we would be able to see that Store more often in our daily lives, and we would be able to purchase the gifts that we need, for free, through our prayers.

Then my friend, God the father, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, will ask us, to live like his Sons and Daughters, by imitating Christ Jesus, that Man without sin, the God that has set us free.

Then he will call us to be his sales man, or women, so that we can sale guidelines on how to get to that way which actually leads to God, to that store, then we would be accepted in a better term, the Apostles.

And once we accept that fact, that we are also working in the institution of God,  we wont be living according to the standards of the world, but we would do it, according to the Spirit.

Then my friend, we won’t be afraid of death, for we will know that God is actually fighting for us, he is actually on our shoulders, and who can fight God, God already has defeated Satan, and risen from the death, the most powerful trap which Satan wants us to be captured in.

And then God will let us know his plans for us, and his plans for the humanity, that he wants all us, to stay his children by following his son.

See there, we are saved, that is true, but most of the time, we can’t see that, but to stay saved, and to attain salvation, we have to follow Christ. Heaven and earth are connected with only two piece of Wood, that is the cross, we have take up our cross, and walk in the path that Jesus Christ has shown us.

I know that the path is narrow, I know that it is difficult but its not impossible, and the best part of it is when we walk through that way, we find Joy, peace, love, the things which no currency of this world can buy.

And think at the time of your death, friend, will you be able to die wearing your diamonds and take them to heaven with you?

We can’t we can only take what God has given us, that is Love, Faith and Hope.


So when God calls us back to his Kingdom, he takes us with the same manner he gifted us, in the hands of our parents when we were born naked, crying, begging, futile, yet pure of heart.


So this completes the Way that our Lord has given us.  

You are called to lead.

My friends, I have told this thing before, but I’m telling you again, that you are called, we all are called for a particular purpose, and it is through Jesus that we can know what it is, and that it is through Jesus that we can fulfill it, for I told you that our work is to put forward the argument, that Jesus Christ lives, and that you will have eternal life if only you believe, God will do the heavy lifting, he will convert that seed into a tree, that faith my friend, that mustard seen is all that God is asking you and me to plant.


Now as you know due to so called natural affairs the soil can be rough, and planting a seed might require ploughing and preparing it first, so that atlest the seed can be planted within.

And the very instrument of ploughing the soul, where you will be planning your faith in Jesus, is Love, is practicing love, and teaching the very same to do.

You know a broken mirror would not be fixed but screaming at it, but one has to pick the pieces, and glue it together, so that atlest it can go back to the place where it belong, similarly, a broken hearted cannot go back and change the event which made him or her to break apart, but it is through that Love,which can actually show him that there is still hope, that hope in the name of Jesus, so that he can faith in him and follow him, and thus loving one another, and loving God.

So my friends, let me tell you again, that you are called, and everyone is a saint. God has equal plans for everyone, God loves all of us equally, no matter if the society does not accept us, God will. So have faith in him. For, he is life, he is Love and he is the only hope that we have got and that Hope is following the Way which was crafted by our Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of Christianity.



God Bless you.





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