Friends, I need your prayers Amen

Dear friends in Christ Jesus,

I believe that Satan is attacking me and my family in an all out open slaughter war. And I strongly need your prayers, my family is at the breaking point all of a sudden, I won’t say that I do not have to contribute to this, because this is also happening because of my own sins too.

Please pray for me, that I can have love, peace, mercy and I can share it with others, pray that I can follow Jesus again. I know I have sinned, and this would not have happened if I had followed Jesus, completely. 

Please pray for My Family for they have sinned too, pray that love, peace and unity can again come back into our family. Pray that we can pray as a family together in front of the Lord. 

Please pray for my Mom she needs peace, she needs our help, she needs God’s grace and a lot of forgiveness. And Help me that I can forgive her, and she can forgive me too.

Pray for my Dad for he like has suffered silently physically and mentally for a long time, he is not only sick of his Diabetes he is also mentally tired of his marriage life, so is my mom. Please pray that once again the love can come back in between them. 

Help me that I can forgive both of them completely, that I can reconcile my relationship with them, and with God.

Friends, brothers and sisters, God alone is my last and only refuge, If you do not pray for me, it may so happen that I will go down again to my old life, but make me strong through your prayers, that I can help myself, help my family, and help all of you again, that we can all be saved. Brothers and sisters I beg you, I need your prayers.


Come let us pray 

God the Father almighty, by the precious power which you have, and the immense love of Son, through your most sacred Spirit, unite us, lead us Lord, be with us, save us, increase our love for one another, Lord I pray to you because my family is at its breaking point and if you do not help us Lord where will be go for help, who will help us Lord if not you?

Increase our faith in your Son Jesus Christ, Mother Mary I pray to you that you help me, help my mom and my dad, mom never it was known that anyone who prayed to thee or fled to thy protection, and had recourse to thee, has gone un-answered, with that confidence, mother I come to thee, help us mom , protect us with your precious love.

I have know four Saints who have helped me always, and I call upon thee oh my most loving Saint Jude, the saint of Hopeless cases, I call upon thee, my inspiration Saint Paul, who has lead me to God’s words, I call upon thee Oh most holy St Mother Teresa, my last hope, and lastly my patron St Francis Xavier, with the Most holy Saint Antony, pray for me. Help me, save me, save my family. Help us to pray once again to the Lord together.Bring back our love, unity, friendship and humility.

Lastly I pray to you Oh most powerful St Michel, cast demons out of our family and from me. Protect us on this day of battle, cast them out and chain them in hell. St Michel with all your might and your power defend us, of our faith in Christ Jesus, defend us of our love for him, and for one another, defend us that we do not take any paths that is contrary to the path of salvation, to Jesus. 

I pray this pray with all my heart, with all my soul with all my spirit, with all my strength, with all my love belief and faith is you Jesus. 

I know only one thing, and one thing only, and I believe it also, that “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:2

Amen Hallelujah God Bless you all my dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, May the Good God, protect you and me, your family and mine, your church and mine, your government and mine, your faith and mine, your love and mine, your hope and mine with all his might. With the precious blood of Jesus Christ I pray this prayer Amen.

All of you are suffering my friends, take shelter in the sacred heart of Jesus, take the precious blood of Jesus Christ and anoint yourself from the Crown of your head to the soles of your feet, in the name of Jesus Christ I say, that Christ will make your free today, from your bondage, Christ will give your the Strength you need to take the suffering, yet forgive their cause, and love that person back. Amen Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah 

Freedom in the name of Jesus,Joy in the name of Jesus, Love in the name of Jesus, Unity in the name of Jesus, Mercy and Forgiveness in the name of Jesus, Power and Strength in the name of Jesus, Humility in the name of Jesus.

My Jesus My Savior Save me. Amen.



13 thoughts on “Friends, I need your prayers Amen

  1. I will pray for your family and the attack from Satan. May god protect you and your family from assault from Satan and leave you safe. In God’s name, God bless you and Amen.

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  2. One of the priests in my parish, one of mentors just now said this to me, “Be Bold when you loose. be calm when you win, changing the face can change nothing, but facing the change can change everything, raise your words, not your voice, it is rain that grows flowers not thunder.” Amen. God Bless my mentor, and God bless you all.

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  3. Stand firm in the Lord & his word, know that when you’re tested by Satan himself, it’s because you have drawn closer to him. Satan will attack in way he can whether it is through family, friends, health! Just know that when good things are happening, Satan will always put his 2 cents in.
    Keeping you & your family in my thoughts & prayers!!
    Blessings my friend

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