Thank you Lord

Dear friends in Jesus Christ, 

Today is the day of rejoice, today I will shout to the Lord, shout where ever I have to, for my Lord asked me to do something and have faith in him, I thought I was trying to break a rock with my work for it is impossible but I forgot that my Lord has created that rock. And I forgot that for it is impossible for me, but with faith is Jesus Christ it is possible, and my dear friends it has been made possible.

Hallelujah Praise Praise Praise, Glory Glory Glory. Hallelujah Lord. Hallelujah 

I would also want to thank all of you who prayed for me, my friends out here, my readers followers, my parish priest, others priests who have helped me, that unknown boy who’s smile gave me peace, and I also want to thank Kenneth Copeland Ministries I saw two of his videos today, as God directed me. 

And he became the instrument, the angel of the Lord, like what came to Paul, in Acts 27

And showed me the mission which God has given me, again, which calmed my fear and made me believe that my God is greater than my fear, my God is greater than anything on heaven and earth. 

My God is Great, greater than all the evil, greater than all the pain

Greater than all suffering, and of course greater than the one who troubles me!

So I would tell you now what happened, yesterday, we had a family argument, my mom and dad was fighting all over, and I heard this message I don’t know how it came in my mind, that “Stand up for the weak” and I thought its a great opportunity to protect my dad, and say something to my mom to shut her up, and I closed my self to God and all I wanted to do was to go back to my old self, and do the women hating talk. And bang, that matter got so escalated that my mom was so angry that she left the house some time later, and I did not know where she went. Later I came to know that she went to our other house, and stayed there for the night. 

6861383-cross-wallpaper (2)

However I went to the Church, I was just devastated, thinking that I won’t ever return to my house.  Many priests where there and God helped me through them, and made me go home, I also had the privilege to take part in an Eucharistic Banquet. 

Well I had peace, in my heart I was tension free, the only thing that worried me, was how to face my mom when she returns home. And it also crossed my mind, that If I could have waited my Lord, would have told me how to protect my dad, with soft words, with the scripture, with the word of God which says “Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless.” – James 1:26 , then this could have been avoided. What I did here was  I boasted my strength before God’s and rejected God’s teaching

However as the time came nearer of my mom’s return I was afraid, and was going more and more afraid, so I thought that KCM helped me before to make me understand that Catholics and all those who proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Lord, irrespective of the definition are my brothers and sisters. So I believed in God’s words, and as he was guiding me I watched THIS VIDEO , which  literally my life changed, it paused my heart, it made me feel that the power of God that raised Christ from death, is in me. And all the sins and hurts that are done against me, well their punishment has been paid by Jesus on that cross, and the love which I never received is also given to me by Jesus Christ on that cross, so there is no way that I can say a person has hurt me, or will hurt me, and I will hurt him back, because for his or her sins against me, Christ died, and for my sins against him or her Christ died, and has loved both of us, equally. 


Dear friends, I learned a few things from this video which I’m listing below for which I give God the entire credit, and I give Kenneth and his Ministry too the share of His Glory, for sharing with me His Story.

If you consider yourself to be faithful, or religious then ask yourselves these and comment below this post.

  • Do you have faith in God on what he did for you on the cross more than what Adam did for you? If you have faith is God, you will have peace, otherwise you will live in fear.
  • Do you say what God says to you, or you add to it? If you do that then you will never get the results which God has desired. 
  • Do you know that FEAR is an acronym which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real? Well I came to know now!
  • Do you know the when we speak out of FEAR we activate the evil forces to have control in our lives, and when we speak in FAITH we activate the blessings and God’s grace to have control in our lives. I came to know this new thing too!
  • Do you know that with man there is limitation, but God is unlimited. Yes but sometimes I fail to believe in this amazing grace.
  • Do you know how to hate the Satan? One can do that by not listening to his words.

Lastly do you know what is Grace? Grace is that that you are not dead yet, that you are reading this post, that I saw this video in my need. That is grace.

11017769994_f9cfeced6f_o (1)

Come now let us Give thanks to the Lord. 

My Lord My God, you know the future, you know everything, let your joy come in us, let you be in us, and let your spirit move us, let you lead us, for there is none great leader than you, my Lord. Amen.

180493 (2) (1)

God Bless you my dear friends, Amen Hallelujah 

May the Good God bless you abundantly, for all of you have prayed for a sinner, a sinful brother that is me, I thank the Lord for giving me you all, you are, each one of you are blessings that I have received from my Lord. Amen




May the Kingdom of God come on earth.



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