Come, let us Praise 1

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

Especially, whom the Lord has given me, to work with in real life, The Choir Named The Apostles & To all my readers all over the world, who have been reconstructed in their faith, through the words that Father has spoken through me.

I want to begin this post, by letting you know that at The Choir, The Apostles has been a great journey in my life, it came to me as a part of my life, when I had given up all hope of living on this earth, and was preparing in many ways to depart from it but thanks to the Lord, who showed me the way, and who kept on loving me and inspiring me, to come to church, and that I can become a co worship leader. 

To all of you those who do not know what a Choir is, I will tell you, as God has enlightened me, through one of His messengers recently, that A Choir is a Worship Leading ministry. It is so because we are actually not only singing for the Lord for our sake only, but we are singing so that the participants of the Holy Eucharist(or anything else similar that you have in your denomination) can actually sing with us.  Can you imagine how great a responsibility God has granted us, I mean we just in our youth,  but God has called us as we are, to sing for Him

And I will tell you more, that if you look into the old testament, you will see everywhere before the God’s Army or People went, before them went the Priests & Levites. Wait I will tell you what is God’s plan for us, the Levites of this age.

  • They were ordained to be teachers of the nation (Deuteronomy 24:8; 33:10; 2 Chronicles 35:3; Nehemiah 8:7). – So that is open invitation for us, to preach God’s word, and the best way to do it is to teach people to Sing God’s Hymns.
  • Most medical services were in their care (Leviticus 13:2, 14:2; Luke 17:14). – So that means that God is calling us, for a Healing ministry, that when we unite our voices to sing for the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord will enter the hearts of us, and to those who will listening to them, so that they can be healed of the troubles that they are suffering in. Now you know why the popular term is called “Music Heals” Its not the Music that Heals, Its the Spirit of God that gets revealed to us His Glory, through that music, so that we can be healed.
  •  They were professional singers and musicians (1 Chronicles 25:1–31; 2 Chronicles 5:12; 34:12). – Well that is the Grace of God, that he will make us professional musicians and singers in due time, if we stay on his path.
  • Producers of books and librarians were almost exclusively Levites (2 Chronicles 34:13). – Well This blog is a library right? God’s small library, and did not God made me to write this Book that I’m writing everyday to you? Did not try to build the Library which God has given me to build?
  • Many of the Levites were architects and builders (2 Chronicles 34:8–13). – And yes we are called today to become builders too, to become great architects, and you know what we are building? We are building God’s Kingdom in the hearts of so many, with our hymns, by the power of God’s awesome Love. And for that we need a plan, to make the blueprint, the practice sessions that we have, and you know that makes us architect, doesn’t it?

You have read a lot, take a break don’t stress out.

Lets hear one of the best songs that I fell in love with recently.

So basically that was the introduction now moving on, I only have a few things to tell you.

  • That I’m sorry to say that I am no where near perfect, that I am too a miserable sinner, so never ever in your life think that I am someone special to God, on the contrary I would say, we are all Children of God, we are all precious to him.
  • That I’m sorry in the past weeks, I have been rude to you guys and girls, forcing you into many activities that I thought will bring you back interest in the choir. For I forgot God never forced me for conversion, God’s call came only though humility and love.
  • That I’m sorry for being angry at you sometimes, well let’s just say I rejected God more times than you have rejected me, when I proclaimed His word to you, but yet he never gave up on me, His calling is like a water drip dropping from a tap, its constant but gentle.
  • That do you know that God has an amazing plan for you? And that is whatever you do in your life, whatever you are going though in your life, maybe its battle, maybe its a war, maybe your are alone, maybe you are afraid to trust anyone, maybe you are insecure because someone has hurt you a lot in the past, let me tell you this very clearly on the authority that God has granted me that I can write his words, that He Wants You To Win. To Succeed.
  • My inclusion into the choir, by God, was not only for me to have peace love and joy, but to share it with others. God has told me, that these are the talented musicians that I am giving to you, you have to build my Kingdom in them. Go and bless them in my name, Go love them, and show them what it is like to be with me.
  • Friends, if for any reasons I have offended you, this is the time I ask for your forgiveness. For I believe you are all WORK IN PROGRESS just like me, and GOD IS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENE to make you and me perfect like Him.
  •  You know why do I always try to bring up Jesus in my life (Not the religion but the Anointed One only), because when I was without Jesus, I was full of pride, full of ego, full of hatred, full of despair, hopelessness, full of anxiety, depression, full of hell and death. But when I accepted Jesus Christ in my life, it just changed BANG! There was a time in my life, when I forgot how to laugh, you know how to even smile I forgot how to do that, but now I’m at peace, I’m smiling while writing this letter to you, for I know that God is writing this to you. And that God will bring permanent joy in your life.
  • Trust me, Jesus is a person, He is a Human Being, and He is God, so when we put Jesus first, all other things will be as good as we want them to be, you see when you give God priority, God gives you priority too.
  • Now I’m sure you will ask me How Jesus can be your friend? He just listens and he cannot say anything. Well I’ll tell you how to speak with him. And converse with him, that means God will reply then and there and you will be able to hear it, you will be able to follow them through your heart, your heart will tremble, but you will find peace. And the only way to do it is to read the Bible. For the Bible says The Word of God is Word. 
  • Start making a habit to read the Bible, everyday read a paragraph or just a verse if you are BUSY (Busy is an acronym which means Burdened Under Satan’s Yolk).
  • You wanted to know How I know so much about God? I will tell you that I only know what was revealed to me, Yes I went to Bible School for 2 years nearly but did not finish the course, for that made me proud, and I became a Fanatic. Not a Faithful. It is very recently when God made me born again, He let me know some of the mysteries by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Can you know them? Of course YES, Jesus did not die for me alone! He died for all, the sinners and the sinless. The Jews, the Gentiles. And the Glory of God is given to us equally proportionate to the Mission which God has given us in our lives. And God has plan for you I can assure you that, and God has given you the power of the Holy Spirit, the same power that made Jesus Christ to rise from the Death. Now can you imagine how powerful God has made you?
  • But you have to activate it, and its only activated through your faith, while reading and spreading the Word of God, and Living by it, by loving one another as God has loved us. Trust me the party is yet to begin, for you, and my life, its a living party with God, at lest when I try to stay away from Sin, or when I repent for it. And that party is amazing, it makes me learn new things, sing new hymns, make me stronger, makes me do things that was impossible for me before.
  • You see hearing the Word of God is a matter of Life and Death. You can live live but not enjoy it, they you are as good as a dead person, for dead people do not enjoy life anymore. Try loving the life, that you live, its more nicer this side of the river.

Oh my God, are you crazy, you are freaking me out, that message was so big, 

So let us sing a hymn shall we?

For the last part well I kept this for the best, 

This is an open challenge to you, I can assure you that if you can even try them out your faith will increase more than mine. And you will be able to see things, mysteries of the universe, as a part of your ministry God will help you.

No no do not compromise your studies or work, but do these, as the Lord asks you to do.

  • Praise God everyday, Sing Hallelujah in your knees,(Or just say it, but make sure to do it in secret, and not openly in front of everybody, for you want to give God some personal time, not to have a community time with all right) praise him even in those days which looks very bad, and which you are upset. You know there trials and tribulations actually make your faith stronger, you see iron is made stronger in fire, so your faith is made stronger in the fire of the earth the challenges of the earth.
  • Pray on your knees, pray from your heart, a true prayer has no fixed words, it is always directed by the spirit, and it is through prayer that you can tell God that I surrender my life to you, you make it mold it as you will, but do not forget to lift up your needs to the Lord so that He can take care of them. 
  • Put God first, its like wear your God, before you wear your clothes, for Clothes can only shelter you from nakedness, God can shelter you from everything. Let life throws at you anything, absolutely anything, God will take care of it, if you put on God first, a best way to do it, is to accept God in everything, if your life is going Good, that  is because of God, and if your life is going Bad then remember this that God is teaching you wisdom, wisdom to know that you made some mistakes, that is why you failed, but God with you to orchestrate your success.
  • Be humble, quick to listen, than to say, and use God’s word as your word when you open your mouth, for if you Say what God Says, you will have the results what God has planned off.
  • Try forgiving, the persons whom you cannot forgive, for that is the birth of a new love, try loving more those whom you love, for that is remodeling the love that you have, try to have faith in God in every aspect of your life, and follow what he tells you to do, only you can hear this friend. I cannot, because you are unique, you are beautiful, you are precious, to God. Trust me you are created in the very image of God, so do not be sad if the World makes you think otherwise, for the creator, one who has  made you in his own image, has given you this precious life.

You are destined to be a eagle, to soar above the world, in the power of God, why are you still walking on earth?

God has showed you the ways, that with the wings of Confession and the Holy communion, you can fly in your faith, you can win every battle, you can be happy, you can have peace, joy, mercy and love even when the whole world turns against you.

Friends, you are all Leaders, For God has made you Leaders, you all have  Job now, and that Job comes directly comes from out creator, our Father in Heaven, To lead his People through Hymns that we sing to praise his Holy Name. 

So are you ready for this new journey, Apostles, God has made you great, in his own image, come let us cherish in these moments. 

I will write to you again in the next month, till them stay in prayer, and love your life, in Christ, enjoy it fully.

Come let us Pray

My Lord My God, I pray to you that you make us strong in your ways, lead us to lead your people, when we stand beside your alter on days, when you have called us to sing, that we can lead the entire congregation to sing your praise. We pray this prayer through Christ our Lord Amen.


God bless you all 


Dear friends, this is God’s message through me, to the Choir where I am sent to minister, and I believe that this is applicable for every ministry, and for every choir that God has ever created. Come Let us join hands, let us make Heaven on Earth, by the power of God, by doing his Holy Will. Come let us be open to the Spirit once again, and let it go deeper and deeper into us, and let us also go deeper and deeper into His Love.



I will end my message with my favorite hymn 


God Bless you all. 

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise the Lord, for he is worthy of all praises. Amen.






Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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