Three Calls

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

With a joyful heart, and in complete peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am writing this letter to you. 

Friends, in our daily lives we take so many calls

And we cal to talk with various people, and telecommunication sector is booming! Now we have Skype, whats app call , and what not!

So what happens in a call is this that it helps two or more people to converse with each other, the real reason behind this is to bring two or more hears closer.

Statistics says, 4.50 billion mobile phone users are there out in the world in 2015-2016 average analysis. And an average person makes or receives 5 phone calls a day. So, that makes 12.775 billion calls in a life time (taking 70 years as the average life span of that person)

So what if I told you that there is a man who wants to communicate with you, but also can feel you, that there is person with whom you can not only converse, but also feel him while conversing?

Isn’t that cool?

See science cannot reach there yet, maybe later it will, but the person whom I’m talking about has been there conversing, and making feel feel His presence, while conversing, before fire or the wheel was invented.

His Name is God, Yahweh, Jesus, Christ, Elohim, Many are his names, now I do not want to discuss names here.


But I want to tell you that among those 12.775 billion calls there are three calls which changes the life permanently. And those Three calls are from God, From Jesus Christ, from High Above.

In the first call

Jesus introduces himself, Saying Hi I’m Christ, and I died for you, because I love you, will you follow me? I’ll give you peace. Trust me I can fight your battles, and I will teach you how to fight them, and I’ve forgiven you of all your sins, so I’ll give you a new and a better life, where you will be able to choose what you want to do, and you can leave your sinful ways behind. Trust me, if you follow me, we both will change the world

And as days go, we can feel His presence, though various of his creations, and many people come to help us, many of those whom we least expect, come forward to nurture our new born faith.

This is to those who just came to true faith.


In the second call

Jesus gives us the Law, the Law to Love, and to Forgive, because to enter the Kingdom of God, we have to be perfect. And that perfectness is very very different from what the world teaches us.

That perfectness, in Humility in Abundance, and Hope in Absence.” 

And to be perfect, Jesus shares with us the heart of His own father, which is filled with love, compassion and mercy. So in this phase he gives us what we need, to accept that forgiveness and to spread it among the nations of the world.

This is to those who are Born Again, but are still on this world.



In the third call

Jesus comes and takes us to father, where the world says that die, for in their eyes we have, but in reality, Jesus gets us to father, where can live without the mortal bodies and anything, but in there we are purely made perfect in the true image and glory of God, in which he first created Adam.

So dear friends, these three are the calls of life, where we actually pass through the valley of the shadow of death and go to have everlasting, ever ending life.

So dear friends, all of us are still in exile, but we have Hope in Jesus Christ, Faith in His Resurrection, and Love in His promises for us, or it can said otherwise as we have Hope in the Father, Faith in Christ Jesus, and Love in the Holy Spirit. Amen

Come let us give thanks to the Lord for sharing us with this insight, Father, Jesus and Spirit, we thank you, for loving us and being in us, as we seek you by your spirit Amen. 


Praise the Lord. 

God Bless you all




Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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