You are not alone

Yes my dear friends,

For God is with you, as Romans 8:31 says “What then are we to say about these things? If God is for us, who is against us?”

In your life, you might be feeling that God does not exist, you might be feeling that why there are so many religion, so many God, whom to follow, and where to get lost!(In a good way)

You might think that your present storm in your life, or the present suffering what you are going through has no meaning, and it might make you feel that our God is cruel, and our God is an unjust God.

But I tell you friends with full authority, that


for instance did not come to existence automatically, just as  when a sperm meets an egg, life begins with a light. With a Bright Shinning Flash of Light.

If you have not been reading the news, then let me tell you that this is the news now,

And dear friend, when we hear the Word of God in the first verses of Genesis isn’t it not what God’s writers write, that God said “Let there be light.”(Genesis 1:3)

And thus light came into existence. And that light friend, isn’t it the same light that made your father’s sperm to meet with your mother’s eggs and create you?


Friends, how many more examples of miracle do you want me to tell you?

Look into your lives

  • You are living, you woke up this morning, and did not die – That’s a miracle
  • You got food to eat, well that too is also a miracle
  • You got fresh clean water, isn’t that a miracle?
  • You have cloths to wear, isn’t that a miracle?
  • You have a job, you have car, a house, a church to pray, a government and not anarchy, isn’t that a miracle?
  • Let us go deeper, you have love, faith, hope, and smile, and the power to help others, to power to give others hope, faith, love, smile, isn’t all of these miracles?


Today I’ll tell you what is a miracle?

A miracle is an act of God out of his enormous love for us, its a way of God telling us that “I’m still in control, you live your life in the freedom which I fought, and died to give you.

I live, even through I died, so that you can live too, who believes in me.”

You know friend, you reading this message is a miracle.


Last night I was speaking with an atheist,

And He told me, people get raped, where is God in there? If He has the power then why does not he use it? He crueler than humans and what not.

I was afraid at first but withs Gods help I told him fearlessly that it was God’s will, so that is why it happened. So he was desperate enough to record it and made it a video. And  I know that he will show it to his community ,where I would made a laughing a stock, where they would judge me, and with words they will persecute me, my name and my God’s name they will say in vein.

But my faith was not in him, not in this world, see the world no matter Good or Bad will judge with what they have, but what they have is so limited, so he or anyone cannot judge, me or my God, with so little, when my God, who is beyond his imagination, and when I am with God, He has also made me greater, beyond to be judged on human scale of measure.

So I defended God, because that was what He told me to do, I was obedient, I did not knew, why, but God said say it it was my will, so I said it to him too.

So at night I was crying for the poor soul, for here I’m free. I have life, I have time, I have all the riches of the heaven, I have peace, my curiosity for life has ended with God, now if I live I live for him, if I die, I die for him

Remember what St Paul said in His Letters to the Romans?


“If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s” – Romans 14:8

So I came back home and it was midnight when I shared what happened with me, to one of God’s angels and He said to me, you see this is what is revealed to me, and that is God chose to use that young lady, who got raped to bring this entire issue of safety of women, in in our society out. God sacrificed another Christ, to make people believe that there is a problem out there which we need to fight and eliminate.

So that was the answer which I also wanted to find our when the atheist asked me why?

He told me that my God is cruel, but the truth on the contrary is so very different, I know that my God cried, cried so much before he made this decision.

Can you imagine sacrificing a son or a daughter, you brothers and sisters as parents will you give your daughter or your son, for the greater good?

God did, because He was already hurt to see what is going on the society today, you know God is our Father, who loves us, can you imagine the pain He went through, when she was being raped, God felt every single decibel of pain which she went through, and our God with so much power in his hand could not save this little on daughter, from the hands of the devil.

See St Paul says there is no men, no women in Christ, for now we are all body of Christ, so we Christians be prepared, as you are prepared for the Glory, the good days, for the Suffering, for the Cross, the bad ones too.

I tell you friends, Christianity with Cross and  Christ is impossible, for if Christ lives He died first, and Chris and Cross are inseparable.

So if you suffering now, make a note of what I tell you now.

Write this in your diary, and when you die, ask your family or friends to put in to the coffin, that the Glory which is revealed to us is nothing compared to the present suffering.(Romans 8:18)

Friends, remember the more you suffer for Jesus, the more closer you are to father.

And do not be afraid to die, look at me, I’m not afraid, Neither was Christ, see this earth is a place where we cannot do always what we want to do, we have to make compromises, I mean look we are not even perfect in our own bodies, Men needs Women and Women needs Men, to create, but once we are perfect , once we will be in heaven we would be able to take part in the same creation with which our Creator creates without the help of anyone except our awesome God. See Revelation 21:3-4 says that in heaven there is no pain, only love only pure raw love and joy of creation.


Look around you friend, you will find out that you and I are living in miracle, are breathing in miracle. All we need is Faith and Hope in Absence and Love in Abundance.

I would end today’s letter by telling you this friend, that God the father creates everything with Holy Spirit, And the holy spirit lives in us, so God makes us the instruments of
Creation, we are the miracle to someone, we are the answered prayers to someone.

Let us just do His will, for He is amazing, I writing to you, is a way of me telling you that God has loved me to do his will, which is nothing but for me to live freely in His Creation, so if you return, if you open your heart, he will open everything he has to you.

He loves you, He loves you, He cries when you cry, He gave his own life, to protect yours and mine. What more can anyone do? (John 3:16)

Friends, do not be blinded by the God’s of the earth(2 Corinthians 4:4), for they always wants to enslave you, into follow them, and look at our God who was enslaved by us.

He was treated far worse that a slave, nailed to a cross, in case you forget how it feels, let me remind you by saying imagine a thick iron going through your flesh and bone, and you are hanging three of those, the entire weight falls on them. Imagine my friends, how painful it is. When your body just wants to break, and you want death, but you just won’t die, for you still have a few hours of life? 

And Jesus was hanging from the cross, with that unimaginable pain, for six hours.

That is love my friend. That is pure raw love.

To you my friend, who openly said Jesus cruel, you know He forgives you, and to answer your question I would like to say did anything ever came out in your life, without pain?

In Creation too, the same law applies, for Satan won’t let go of his slaves and it demands sacrifice,So God has to make the hard decision, God has to go through all the pains which a father goes through time and again, watching his child’s death when he just cannot do anything, because if he does more of his children will die.

I mean to you my aethist friend look at you you are not ready to give away your aethism and believe until you see a miracle, until God sacrifices something or someone for you.

But friend to you I say I won’t judge you, now will He, for I know before I got my faith I also had a lot of questions and one of them was why did he die on the cross for me, when I’m born 2000 years after he does not even know me.

Many time God would sent his apostles to me, to tell me how much he loved me, but I would reject, I would say Christians are fools, peace is there for fools.

So what he did was though he was sinless, he bowed before me, he washed my feet in front of a hundreds of people, and said your sins are forgiven, get up and walk, you are free now.

That is God friend, he cannot be judged by our knowledge, for a son cannot judge His Father, and look at the father, who has the authority to judge, yet chooses not too.


I would end by saying that there are so many people who wanted to be God, who wanted to get praised, to be served, and even when people did not, they punished them in every way they could. But One God(Jesus) became a Human to serve. He took the punishment, for being Human, getting nailed on the cross.  

That should tell you all you need to know who is God and who is not.



Praise the Lord 

God Bless you all.


In Jesus Name 



7 thoughts on “You are not alone

  1. The Word says to defend the faith, nothing about defending God. God does not need to be defended.
    But, 1 Peter 3:15 says,
    “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and *be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” In 2 Corinthians 10:5 we are commanded to be “Casting down imaginations, and *every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”.


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