Live as a Saint by Being God’s friend

Dear friends in Jesus Christ, 

Hallelujah to the Risen Lord, and to our Father and to the Spirit who inspired me to write again for Him.

In the beginning there was only God, Father and Spirit on Heaven, with His Angels that he created but Satan sinned and Hell became his abode. God was happy but His angels who were created were programmed to praise to love and to honor him, and God wanted someone who will love Him and be His friend, and as friendship involves two persons of free will so He got a brilliant plan, and with all His love He made the universe. Then He made Man(Adam) and Woman(Eve) on His own image, and just to prove that He loves us, He gave us right to rule over all His creation.

So why did create do all this?

As I said before He did all of this because He wanted us to be His friend, to love Him. And all things that He created is for us to use it to Praise Him, to Love Him in our own free will. He wanted us to have the peace that He has.

All was going well, but one day there was this Satan came in, and as He was not free, as he was not in peace because he is in Hell and tried to lure us into sin, and as we ate from the fruit from the forbidden tree, we gave away our freedom and thus sin entered into our lives and we forgot why we were created.

We were called to live and love forever, but through sin we chose to hate and die and be forgotten forever.

Watching this God was very upset so He sends His only son Jesus to earth, and we all know the story after that, we all know how much price he paid on that cross, just that we can live in peace and in harmony as children of God.

Watching this, Satan was very much afraid, because He knows that now He can enslave us no more, so He tried to bound us up into more and more sin through hate, through wars, through gossip etc

However as these hatred are being spread now,  Jesus is also being so much upset so He is asking me and you, to be like Him, to be the leader who will Lead Himself and help others as the lead themselves to the Great I AM.

And that my friend is Sainthood.

There are many saints like St Faustina, St Mother Teresa, St Teresa of Avila, St Therese whom He God decided to share with His church, and some whom are only known to Him. And we friends are called to be those Saints, to be friends with Christ and our Father and the Spirit, in Him through Him with Him.

All Man and Woman, and the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ is the Head of that Body. So when we say we need to Love God, we need to be friends with Him, we also have to be friends with each other. Not just a fair weather friend, but a true friend, one who won’t leave when we need Him

Now as you see there are two simultaneous tasks before you, if you accept the Lords call to become a Saint.

One to Love the Lord more, and One to Love our Neighbor.

This following exercise would help us to Lord the Lord more, to console Him more.

Breathe in, Breathe out, and in between them take a Pause.

Pause, Breathe in fill your lungs with you’re the air, and breathe it out again repeat it.

  • Now when we pause we long for air, right? That is how we should long for the Lord, by accepting the fact that we need the Lord in every moment of our life, now matter we have sinned or we are restless, or any moment we can imagine.
  • Now when we breathe in we feel at peace right? That is how the Lord comes every time we invite Him trustfully, and gives us peace. Peace the commodity of Heaven.
  • Now when we can’t hold that air any more we breathe it out, and with smile and with a grateful heart we say to the Lord I thank you Hallelujah.

That’s it!

I tell you one secret today that the Lord has revealed it to so many of us, which I would reveal it to you, nothing pleases Him more than to be our Savior, so just ask Him and He will come all the time.

So this is simple isn’t it, a small little prayer for every situation, for every moment which can help us to Love God immensely beyond our imaginations.

Now the next part is as easy as it can get, to Love our Neighbor.

Lets Jesus do it for us, we will just trust Him and when He inspires us to do something, we just do it.

Our main objective is not to Love our neighbor as we would have loved them, but to love them as Jesus would have loved them, I mean after all that is why He sends us to that person, at that exact moment, at that exact place.

Now this Love and Mercy can be shown by one way and that is by being an answered prayer to someone, or simply we can say that by being a blessing to someone and it can be done in three parts.

Through our Work- like through giving alms, helping others in the way they need help, forgiving them if they have done something wrong to you,

Through our Words – like a gentle talk when you see someone is upset, or just by listening to them, or just by being there, and letting them know that they are not alone, that we are there for them.

It can also be done by Prayer when you know you are not in a position to help that person either by your work or by your words, and when you pray for the person, you just allow Jesus to help that person.

So to summarize all things that God told you through me today, I’ll end by saying, Don’t ask, what God can give you, for he has given you everything that you need to live a lifetime, Ask what you can give to Him, namely your friendship and faithfulness, but don’t just spend the entire day thinking what you can give to him, for everything is His creation, just allow Him to paint His Kingdom with your life.

Now if you still hesitating to be friends with the Lord, you ask Mary our Mother, to lend her Yes to you, and She will help you. As for the prayers, try to do the 3’0 clock Divine Mercy Prayer, everyday for Jesus said in that hour if you pray the Chaplet or the Stations of the Cross (if you have time) or just try to adore my Passion with belief and trust, He will give you everything you ask for.

Peace my friend, I leave you with the Lord’s peace as the Lord has given me.

Now all of this wont be complete if we do not make a resolution. So now we would pass the resolution for our lives and you would take it, sign it today in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and it put it somewhere in your house where you can see it.


Now if you would like join me as I sing


Praise the King 


In Christ 



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