2017 Resolution!

​No one can attain holiness by themselves alone. It has to be an active effort on the side of you and an active prayer life to receive the grace for the day that was due to you. 

Sins that control us hinder our relationships with Jesus and has the potential to destroy our capabilities to love.

Though it sounds so simple but a heart that cannot give or receive love become dry and so does the body and then only the entire system fails with so many disorders to cope up with. 

One of the stupidest way that Satan wants us to Sin is by Lying. 

This new year let us make a resolution not to lie.

I know all of us are guilty of it, big time or small time though I believe it’s a life long effort to fight sin. 

And don’t be afraid to come to Jesus is the most powerful sacrament of reconciliation once a sin has set foot on your beautiful life.

Let us end sin, let us not give Satan our a daam foothold on 2017.

That year is the year of the Lord.

That year is the year of our redemption.

The year where we win, in History of our lives as it will be written Satan lost.

(This is the Divine Mercy Image, after the Holy Eucharist this is the most powerful prayer I know; The Divine Mercy Chaplet, say it everyday with a contrite heart at 3 pm when our Lord expired not only for you but for all who need them, your enemies your friends family, for me, for my family for this community, for all in the world.

Make it a Habibt and see how miracles work in your life. 

I trust in Jesus and I trust in His mercy that He is so eager to share with you my friend.)

Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Armour of God.


God bless you all.

I make this prayer in the name of Jesus, by trusting in His mercy and Love. Amen.


Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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