For Give

Dear friends,

The words Forgive, is so simple, For-Give, it means to sacrifice something for someone, it simply means to give something to someone, and that something is Peace.

You know what forgiveness is?
Its everything.

Its the end of end and beginning of the beginning.


Its the breathable air of mercy that keeps us away from the suffocation of hatred, of Justice
and catastrophe.
To be honest it is what keeps the world together.

Beyond every suffering, every sin,every humiliation,every defeat, every wrong doing, every hatred, every shame is #Forgivness

(This is picture of the miraclulous statue of St Lawrence of Rome at the Start Lawrence Basilica, Attire, India. St Lawrence who is a great wonder worker is a inspiration for us on how beyond every persecution there is Forgiveness)

Forgiveness is a sign of divinity, its began with Jesus and it ends with Him.
Forgiveness is fragile, for it has a lot to do with commitment and duty, but if
it becomes a habit it becomes a lifelong companion.
Hatred on the other hand is lethal its the brain child of anger, and as there saying
if you hate someone you have already been conquered by them.

Forgive for its easy to forgive, its very hard to hate.

Forgive for its the first step of love, and its everything that keeps love together.


Lord Jesus Christ upon that cross you taught us how to forgive.
You taught us how to write the new begining, how to stop the journey to the end.
Help us that as you have forgiven us, we too can become workers, workers of your mercy,
Lord we are broken, we all are, but let that not be excuse for our sins, for hardening of our hearts,
Lord may we forgive the unforgiving, even the most unrepentant rude hurtful persons, for as your Holy word says
Mercy will be shown to those who will show mercy.
In your holy name may we obtain your mercy and share it with all whom you want us to share with.

God bless you all my dear friends, do pray for me, and I will for you too!

Peace be with you,




Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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