The Why I sing

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

​So I’ve having this thought and practicing it for over a year now and I would love to share it with you all in light of Gospel.


For me Singing was everything, is everything and I don’t know about its future.

But what I’m sure about is God did give me voice that is not the best voice in the world but it’s okay to please Him.

Before God showed me a way to My Present Choir : The Apostles.

I kind of worked very hard for 3 years to start a band of my own, which i believed at that time my dream my destiny.

But ya oviosly my social skills that time(especially) was not very good.

And I did not knew anything about music I just knew how to Sing, How to Write a Song because it just came out naturally.

But after so many tries I failed.

I found that the dream left me alone. Who did not know how to play Keyboard or Guitar.!!!!!?

So then came my big depression, it took a lot of songs a lot of tunes a lot of days to pass a lot of me get over it, however my tries were but futile.

So when my medication stopped i found myself at the alter of Grace and Love and Mercy literally begging for my life.

For taking this cup away from me.

And when nothing else worked

Jesus did.

He took my pain and my suffering and took it upon himself.

For me He got whipped until His flesh was falling!

For me He got caned.

For me He got crowned with Thorns and humiliated.

For me He carried my cross.

And ultimately Have His life to prove that I love you.





Music does not have any power to heal anyone.

It just does not!

Love songs I’ll tell you the truth either they make you cry for the love that begone you or it gives you fake imaginative hope. 

Yes I was very fond of them.

I do have an imaginative brain (I believe).

So in short what it does is it connects to our emotions. It makes us think that we love that love song for its my Jam! So even through secular songs are amazing they now fail to capture my Heart because it’s imaginative it’s not real. 


Today’s Gospel tells us about a blind man.

Jesus healed Him by spitting on ground and with that He made clay and put it in his eyes.

And told Him to 

“Go wash in the Pool of Siloam” 

Siloam the Word means “Sent”
So it says that Jesus opened the eyes of This blind man and told Him that you are now Sent, 

Sent to the world to tell the world about Me, the Good Shepard that they may come to me without being afraid. 
Now my story is same.

I was blind simply blind to the world.

In the last day depression when I met the Lord He opened my eyes, He washed my feet, He Died for me but most importantly He sent me to you, to the world. So that they world can know that I was blind, but now I see that you can see him too.
Now my decision not to secular songs came after my feet was washed, I promised him for this, because I want to Him to use the best gift that he has given me my voice for His glory to write the story of Him.
Not just some love story.

But the story of Him Loving us, Him loving Me Personally.
See just like I’m sent you all are sent, you all are given so wonderful voices, just imagine what God can do to that voice, when He sings with you and me and he calls His people to come back to him to feel His power glory honor love mercy through that tiny little voice of ours.

Can you believe the impact?
We must remember as Christians are sent out to a Hurting world, a world where suffering is innumerable, yes one may say what will people benifit from our singing the lord’s song when we get chance.

True they may not benifit at all as it seems.

But there will someone among them to whom your voice will be the voice the Lord, to him your voice will be the voice that will open His eyes.
Can Music alone do something in this scale!


Can Jesus do a revolution through this Music

Through His Worship!

The world what i see is more beautiful as I’m inside.

But what you see through that stained glass is but sacrifice.
Come let us sing for Him

For someone is the crowd in the congregation of the Lord’s people is waiting to hear His voice.

And we are but His instruments to fulfil His prayer.
So to conclude I’ve tried to say that be an answered prayer to someone.
For you never know when someone will be God’s messenger in answering yours.
I love to Sing, and I love Jesus that’s why I sing for Him, because Love is not what you say but what you do!


God bless you all.

Sampad Xavier Chaudhuri



Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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