Cross Equals Love

Issued in Public Interest
“In Search of Humanity among Humans”

(In Response to the Countless Victims of Rape, Abuse, and Torture against women)


No, we don’t need any more laws protecting women and punishing the abuser(Male).  Because it only has accelerated more violent abuses. 
We need love, mercy and peace.

#The only thing that the Gospel can provide.
The Gospel of Life deals with every crisis that we face today. 
No matter the hurt, No matter the pain. 
It has the power to renew us again.

To add more laws protecting women and punishment of abusers only solve A permanent problem Temporarily.
But what need need is a #Change of Heart #not #Suppression of Hurts.




It may seem pretty irrelevant, but every problem and crisis that the world faces today can be traced back to the “love #relationship between a man and a women.”

That is the #foundation.
When that is broken it’s easy to break, distort and destroy all that is left in the world good or bad for #worse, and it does not end there yet, but it ends with putting the #blame on one single person, one single caste, one single religion, one single sex, one single #OTHERS.

Let us not #fool ourselves here. 
For believe it or not, (you do not have to be a #believer A CHRISTIAN, but its always a plus, if you don’t want to) you still have the power to initiate the change through our own desires. We initiate it, and trust in God, who will do the rest.

For a change, all those who are in a relationship, be it in a dating stage or you are celebrating your 50th year of marriage. 
#Seek to desire the other person more than yourself.
#Seek to pursue that other person more than yourself. 
#Seek to put out your heart, your strength, even yourself on the line for that other person.
(If all that you have seeked, and yet you are missing out something, the #SeekTheKingdomofGod.
For He will add on all the things to you.)


#Love demands all these. For to love truly is to “#empty oneself for the sake of others.”
If #one single element is missing it becomes #lust which means using of other person.

#If that sacrifice, that offering of oneself to others, worth to you for love, then what is the worth of your love?
If not you, who will?
If not now, when?
Love is contagious, yet it’s hard, it has power to take you beyond the stars, yet it’s tough, but it won’t be worth it, if you don’t start today, now, or at this very moment. For you are that beacon that the world needs to see, and now is its time. For others are waiting to follow you.


Then and only then can the world be a better place to live in, not lighting candles and marching on the streets, blaming one caste and one other.

Remember this world is ours, it’s where we live in. The mess that happened is our own doing, so it falls in our duty to clean it up. 
(Here ‘us’ includes ‘me’ as well).

If we don’t do this.
Then nothing can stop the crimes against humanity. 
For History will be it’s judge and it would echo this to the generations that will come, that Mankind had a chance, that they were at the crossroads of bridging the Gaps between Justice and Joy, Problems and Peace, Darkness and Light, Death and Life. 
Yet they chose Death, Darkness, Problems, Justice and is still going on with the same cycle again and again.


This is the time for a New Crusade, A #Crusade for Love. 
This is the time to be Radical, #Radical in Love.
This is the time of proving who, #YOU Really Are.

For an animal #cannot love, it only knows revenge, we #Humans have a #conscience, have a #God, who became man, to borne our sins, and showed us how to show Mercy and love, even in face of Death with Torture, Humiliation and Crucifiction.


Look at the #Cross, you will find Love, You will find Mercy. 
You will find the #Justice that #nailed Him there.
You will find the #Punishment that we deserve, paid in full by God. 
The Same God whom we often put on trial whenever things go wrong. 
(We, here also includes the wretched of the #earth, the worst of #humanity, the #rapists, the #gangsters, the #terrorists, the #abusers, the #destroyers of the earth.)

Look again, Look at Him with the eyes of doubt, with the eyes of searching for answers, #whoever you are, Look, Seek, and you will find all that you are looking for.


This is not my word, Because I get it when the whole world wants justice why will you even bother to listen to me, when I’m talking about mercy and forgiveness and love!

Believe me, it’s not my idea entirely, this has been God’s idea since the time of mankind’s Fall, but for me I got the inspiration from a #book called “The love that Satisfies” by Christopher West (Official) West, based on Pope Benedict XVI’s Great #Encyclical “God is Love”, which I’m reading these days.

Do not be afraid.
Just #Love.
Especially those whom you cannot even think of loving.

You are the #change, the #face of tomorrow.
You are #today’s tomorrow.

God bless.
Jesus loves you! 

Pray for India, We need your prayers. Pray for Christians, Pray for Broken People. 

Pray. Pray. Pray.



Friend, do you have anything to share with me? Use this comment section below to share anything with me, or to my readers. God Bless.

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