The Army Of Love


Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

There is no time to waste, God has shown me something very important, and he wants me to build an army for him. 

An Army of Love.

Yes Very true, and to be honest, this army will be the future of OF HIS GLORY missions, and God will direct us, in all his ways, and we will be leading our inner Battles, in prayer, with His Glory.

So what will this Army do?

This Army will be God’s army of Love, its molded in love, crafted through love, and it will live its ways to love one another as God has loved us as individuals.

What are your responsibilities as a Legionnaire?

  1. You have believe in the Son of Man(Jesus Christ) as the Son of God, The Savior of the World, The Holy Spirit, the Power of the God, and Our Father, and meditate his words.
  2. You have to pray every single day at lest for 5 minuets on your knees, the more time you spend the more you will gain strength, the more power you will have over your sins.
  3. You have love one another, start by loving your family members, take one member at a time, and love them, and when I mean love them, you have to love, even if they abuse you, insult you, make you afraid, you have forgive them and love them back as Jesus Christ has done for us. Forgiveness is the only factor here.
  4. You have to shed off pride as early as you can, in the early days only as a legionnaire you will have to humble yourself before God and before man.
  5. You have to help people, in your workplace, in your locality, start giving small things that you think, for God loves a cheerful giver.
  6. You have to accept all human beings as your brothers and sisters, just like Jesus Christ did.
  7. You have to try to reduce the number of sins you do, and fight them in prayer, by surrendering your short-comings to God.
  8. You have visit your church, spent more time, understanding the celebration(If you are a Catholic, I would request you to go and attend the Eucharist at lest twice a week) 
  9. You have pray for me, and for all the other legionnaires across the world.(I will be posting their names down below)

If you can accept these missions, these responsibilities, then I under the command of God, would welcome you to the Army of Love.

Never be afraid again, let your faith save you, keep this message at all times –  But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. Psalm 3.3


How to apply?

You can mail me your wish to join the army to 

When I have responded to the mail you have sent me, you have to do two things immediately, other than list of nine which is posted above.

  1. You have to You have to put on the Army’s Coat of Arms, at your sidebar. (I will mail you the details)
  2. You have to make a blog post, or create a page, stating that you accept these responsibilities before God, and that you will try your best to fulfill them. ( I will comment on that post, and officially declare you as a legionnaire of Love)

Amen God Bless you all.





Our Legionnaires

  1. Enoch Shares Jesus –
  2. lindaBornAgain –
  3. Carol