War Room

My dear friends, no matter in whom you believe in, no matter what is your relationship with God is, but there is hope for everyone and so use this form, to pray silently, to pray anonymously to the Lord. Write the prayers, and later comment on this page once your prayer has been answered. Always remember One prayer can change one’s life.



God Bless you.

This would be linked to a spread sheet, which can only be seen by our prayer team and by God, so that we can pray for your needs to our Lord.

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And if you want to be a partner of our Prayer Team, please check this page & mail me to ofhisglory@gmail.com and I will help you out.(We we only ask you to pray for the requests, nothing more). Let us join hands and make the generations of Believers, let us be the voices in the wilderness, preparing each other for the Lord.